Easy Like A Sunday Morning // A Playlist By Sarah Jones

Easy Like A Sunday Morning // A Playlist By Sarah Jones

Uni all week, out on Saturday and now all you want is to stay in bed, do minimal work and just chill. Or, maybe you’ve managed to have an early night-in after watching reruns of The Chase and want to get productive this Sunday. These 10 songs will sooth that hangover head but will also help you focus if you’re wanting to be more productive.

Sundays are made even easier when you have a great soundtrack to go alongside it and this playlist is here to be just that. It includes a mix of RnB, acoustic, indie and folk so hopefully, there’s something for all.

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Easy Life // ‘Frank’

While the lyrics tell a heartfelt story, the easy beat makes for a great addition to your Sunday playlist. With a mellow opening and a chilled-out feel throughout, it’s a sound that’s heard a lot in the States but less so in the UK. 

H.E.R. (feat.Daniel Caesar) // ‘Best Part’

From the Grammy award winning album that could honestly make up the whole of this playlist, this track shows off H.E.R’s effortless and soulful voice with a slow acoustic RnB beat running through, mixed with electronic elements.

HONNE, Georgia // ‘Location Unknown’

Another artist that could honestly just fill the entire Sunday playlist. ‘Location Unknown’ specifically has an infectious beat, that builds from a more mellow introduction that will definitely help you get out of bed.

Sampha // ‘Under’

Arguably a little sad for first thing in the morning, but Sampha’s sound is so interesting that I can’t help but include it. It has electronic beats that underpin this unique and artistic piece. This melancholic track with a repetitive nature and electro-beat is an ease to enjoy.

Hozier // ‘Almost (Sweet Music)’

With a more folk-rock feel that’s more upbeat to the others, this song brings a little more happiness to the Sunday morning. With the soulful and gospel-sounding elements, it will hopefully help sooth that hangover you’re nursing.

Mares // ‘Rock’n’Roll Will Never Die’

While the title suggests different, this Swedish band brings pure spring morning sounds with this song – ironically quite different from a heavy rock vibe the title may suggest. Just because the lyrics aren’t English, do not rule out this band with their infectious and soothing melodies.

Kwassa // ‘Sad Songs’

Another one to hopefully encourage you to get out of bed. Since his recent rebrand, Kwassa has seemed to transition from his known tropical beats under “Kyko” but managed to retain the catchy, upbeat sound with this more electronic track that plays for a more motivational addition to this playlist.

Novo Amor // ‘Birthplace’

This is a good one for early Bon Iver fans; the high vocals with accompanied piano and orchestral feel makes this an easy listen. Unlike Kwassa, this is the opposite of motivational and will likely encourage you to spend your Sunday in bed. It has gentle lyrics and finishes on an extended instrumental section that is very welcomed.

KAWALA // ‘Do It Like You Do’

This rhythmic sound that KAWALA offer is another great one to add to your chilled playlist. With Vampire Weekend-esque vocals to this upbeat sound that isn’t too overpowering for a Sunday.

Family and Friends // ‘PRSM’

A more chilled indie offering here that still gives the same indie feel with a drum beat building throughout. The extended instrumentals make a change from vocal-heavy songs which is refreshing to hear.

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