Circulation Magazine’s Guide to Record Store Day 2019

Circulation Magazine’s Guide to Record Store Day 2019

Set up to celebrate the independent record store. Record Store Day (RSD) sees some of the biggest record labels (as well as some of the smallest) press a handful of limited releases.

Like any RSD, this is bound to be filled with great independent stores and those vinyl circles that magically deliver sweet music to our ears!And what better way to introduce it than through this years ambassadors, The Mighty Boosh, who like many of us, also don’t really understand how a record works:

We took some time to sift through the list of eclectic limited edition records coming out tomorrow for RSD to give you our favourites:

AL Green – Hi Records Singles Box Set

Albert Leones Greene grew up listening to both gospel music and early rock and roll. Southern soul lies somewhere between these influences. Record Store Day 2019 will not only mark Al Green’s 73rd birthday, but also the release of a new compilation of 26 singles by the artist in 7” format with an accompanying book. It will include tracks originally released under Willie Mitchell’s label Hi Records in the ‘70s, now on special release by Fat Possum Records. Featuring all your favourite tracks, including the perfectly romantic ‘Let’s Stay Together’, it’s the most extensive and ambitious anthology of The Reverend Al Green’s music to date.

George Cooper, Features Editor

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir – Keep Drinking

Amidst the 100th Rolling Stones reissue (nothing personal) there is a weird and wonderful selection of indie releases. Damnably have been putting out some great releases these past few years and this fast-paced album from Korean skate-punkers, ‘Drinking Boys and Girls Choir’ certainly continues with this trend. With songs like “I’m A Fucking McDonalds” you know you’re in for a treat. Definitely one for fans of NOFX and other 90s era hardcore punk, this is an album that will re-ignite those feelings of rebellion and carelessness that you held so dear before you became a jaded politics third year… or maybe that’s just me.

Caylan Hallows

Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks NY Demo

In 1974, Bob Dylan recorded Blood on the Tracks. Upon hearing it, his brother argued that the songs were far too repetitive and depressing; Dylan returned to the studio and re-recorded half of the album, changing them drastically. Nowadays, it is what many believe to be his greatest album of all time. And here, in 2019, the original album, as it was heard by his brother, is set to be released. This stripped-back version of an incredibly famous album, as it was originally recorded and mixed, is sure to be a great look into musical history, with a window to how the famous album developed from its origins.

Elliot Eppleston

OST – Lost In Translation

2003’s Lost in Translation birthed the perfect accompanying soundtrack. Featuring tracks from Squarepusher, My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, and Air to name just a few, many of the songs were hand-picked by Sofia Coppola from her own music library with expectedly intimate results. A rich blend of moody and introspective dream pop / shoegaze, the album fits as well to the plot of the film as it does to soundtracking a sleepy afternoon spent curled up in your bedroom. Whack on the record, stare out of your window at the vistas of Japan (York), and contemplate what on earth you’re going to do with your post-graduate life à la Scarlett Johansson in her underwear.

Niamh Purtill, Treasurer

Erykah Badu & James Poyser – Tempted

This single is gifted to us on a 45 for this year’s Record Store Day. Badu and Poyser’s remix of Squeeze’s track ‘tempted’ is bound to make you look differently at the band’s most famous song.

Joel Landschaft, Editor-in-chief

Check out Earworm Records and Vinyl Eddie if you are looking for some RSD picks yourself! If you aren’t interested in any of the limited releases take some time out of your Saturday to pop to one of the other record stores in York (which we’ve mapped out for you on our record store map of york), pick up a record, have a chat, and have a good time, whilst supporting local music and businesses.

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Caylan Hallows