Guest Playlist by Tony Cupac // “It’s All Love”

Guest Playlist by Tony Cupac // “It’s All Love”

This week’s playlist comes courtesy of Tony Cupac. Another one of York’s stellar DJ talents, he’s curated a supremely eccentric playlist to take you into this weekend.

“I consider myself a serial playlist-maker. My Spotify holds a back catalogue of playlists that I’ve made on roughly on a monthly basis for over three years. For me, creating playlists is the digital equivalent of burying a time capsule; an amalgamation of the (mostly) positive feelings, events and people that made that point in my life significant. Periods of disconnect in my life are equally reflected through disorganised and confused playlists of the time. There’s great nostalgic value to be found in going back and listening to playlists years old, rediscovering the “you” of that period and reflecting on the ever-changing process of the self.

As I’ve found in attempting to compile this playlist for Circulation, making a playlist for an audience of general music lovers is significantly harder than making a playlist for myself. While I can just about deal with the incongruous shifts in genre that my playlists sometimes induce – jumps from The Smiths to Gunna take a bit to get used to – I feel that the Circulation audience may be less receptive to such shifts. Therefore, my first attempt at collation revolved around appropriating songs, to make an attempt at forming a narrative. I soon realised that this was an unnatural and contrived method for playlist creation, resulting in me choosing songs that I didn’t necessarily love, but fit best for my story. Scrapping that overly ambitious project I decided to make a playlist exactly as I normally would, filled with the songs that have a great hold over me at the moment. I’ve endeavoured to ensure there aren’t songs included that radically shift the tone of the playlist, but if trap slips in I apologise in advance.

Thank you to all the beautiful friends that introduced or shared with me these songs, it’s all of you that give context to the music I love and make it into the beautiful and transcendent medium of communication that it is.”

Check out the playlist here.

Jessie Reyez, Daniel Caesar // ‘Figures, a Reprise’

Summer Walker // ‘Session 32’

Vansire, Sophie Meiers, Ivy Sole // ‘Set Piece’

Angèle // ‘Ta Reine’

Mitski // ‘Old Friend’

Mac Miller // ‘2009’

Boogie // ‘Skydive’

Juice WRLD, Brent Faiyaz // ‘Demonz (feat. Brent Faiyaz) – Interlude’

Stwo, Roy Woods // ‘You, World, or Myself’

DJ BomaNdoki (a Lil Peep song that isn’t available on spotify) // ‘Star Shopping Zo (freestyle)’

Check out the playlist here.

If these sounds take your fancy, make sure not to miss Cupac’s “worldly” mix when it comes out next Friday. You can listen to that, and his other mixes here.