Daisy Allen // Wharf Chambers, Leeds // 14.3.19

Daisy Allen // Wharf Chambers, Leeds // 14.3.19

Located in a trendy area of Leeds, the Wharf Chambers bar provides a space for music, art, politics, and much more. The venue attracted a diverse community, uniting people from all across York and Leeds. Its rugged stage was perfectly suited for the performance put together by Daisy Allen.

Supporting her were York’s and Leeds’s rising artists Mollie Coddled and Laura Kindelan. Molly described her music as “LoFi Jazzy Dreampop tunes”, and played “your typical” love songs on the night, which is a perfect way to describe her single “Honey”: a love story gone wrong that is relatable to many of us. Mollie is only seventeen years old and is undoubtedly full of talent. Following Mollie, Laura Kindelan nailed her first-time performance with her newly put together band. The bassist Sam executed his performance perfectly, and the band worked together like clockwork. Their song “Trust Issues”, a catchy and upbeat tune, especially got the room buzzing with energy for the main act that evening. These two rising female artists that fuse jazz with indie pop have a very bright future– and are ones to look out for.

After a very short break, Daisy appeared on stage starting with her new song “Once We Were Small” from her recently released album “Paper Moon.” Filling the room with a beautiful riff played by the guitarist and powerful vocals, the soft but piercing melody instantly captivated the audience. This was followed by “A Little Healing”, the lyrics of which encapsulated the feelings of anxiety and excitement most young people experience as they try to make sense of the world. A certain highlight of the evening was the performance of “Call of the Wild”, a fast paced and rich tune that electrified the audience. The evening was filled with exciting jazzy and indie tunes with cleverly written lyrics.

When asking Daisy what truly inspires her, she instantly responded with her “friends and own experiences”. Her slow acoustic song “Georgia” was written about a friend who was in the audience at the time. Daisy gave a truly intimate performance that offered a glimpse into some very personal issues and her own experiences.

Aged 19, Daisy is a rising singer-songwriter from York. Her music is the perfect blend between indie-electronic melodies and soft jazz. She self-released her first EP in 2015; she was only fifteen at the time, but has been growing as a musician ever since. In her interview with Zena Events UK, the artist talked about being surrounded by music since a very young age. Daisy is eager to share how much she’s grown in the last four years to the people who have supported her journey. Needless to say, Daisy’s Paper Moon is my go-to chill album— you can check it outhere.

Sofya Zakharova