Writer’s Rain Guest Playlist // “A Way With Words”

Writer’s Rain Guest Playlist // “A Way With Words”

Nina Sundstrom’s musical exploits as Writer’s Rain have touched the hearts of York’s music scene. Her candid and emotive performances owe greatly to the artists that have influenced her; the brilliant singer-songwriters which you’ll be introduced to on this playlist. If you’re digging on these type of tracks, make sure to listen to Wrtier’s Rain’s debut EP Saccharin, set to be released on the 11th of February.

“Lyrics are fundamental to the feeling of a song, the rhythm and the rhyme of the words, and the meaning that they convey. As a songwriter, it’s very important for me to be able to express myself lyrically. For me, lyric writing is a balance between creativity and reality. To make the songs relatable in all the ways that listeners like them to be, while creating aspects of a fantasy that real life doesn’t have. I’ve been inspired by many amazing songwriters across the decades and here’s a selection of songs from just a few of them.”

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‘Both Sides Now’ // Joni Mitchell

“Its loves illusions I recall // I really don’t know love at all”


‘Elegy’ // Leif Vollebekk

“Things are only revealed in the light that is given // to be free from the pardon when all else is forgiven”


‘Dry the River’ // Weights and Measures

“It’s a question of needs and not rosary beads in the end”


‘I shall cross this river’ // The Black Atlantic

“When my darkness leaves // when my fall is complete // I shall cross this river for them”


‘Places We won’t walk’ // Bruno Major

“Sunlight dances on the leaves // Birds of red colour the trees // Flowers filled with buzzin bees // In places we won’t walk”


‘Cherry Wine’ // Hozier

“Her fight and fury’s fiery oh but she loves // like sleep to the freezing”


‘Birthplace’ // Novo Amor

“Me at my best // I fall obsessed in all its memory”


‘One of These Things First’ // Nick Drake

“I could have been a signpost // could have been a clock // as simple as a kettle steady as a rock”


‘Younger’ // Seinabo Sey

“Some answers are better left unspoken // when you know you ain’t getting any younger”


‘Behind the Wall’ // Tracy Chapman

“It won’t do no good to call the police // always come late if they come at all”


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Make sure to head down to The Nook on the 7th of February for the release of Writer’s Rain’s debut EP, Saccharin. 

Saccharin comes out on the 11th of February.

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