CLKWORK Guest Playlist // “Valentines Fever”

CLKWORK Guest Playlist // “Valentines Fever”


This week we’ve enlisted the help of our resident Electronic expert Joe Williams. Make sure you get down to CLKWORK’s FREE Valentines party at The Crescent on the 16th of February, so you can celebrate all the love you’ll be getting off this selection of songs.

“The aim of this playlist is to share 10 pieces of music I have fallen in love with. Aesthetically the selection aims to be ethereal and ecstatic, evolving from subdued minimalism toward a more energetic dissident jazzy finale.”


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‘Danse du rossignol’ // Pierre-Jean Croset

The first track is a solo cut by Pierre-Jean Croset. Performed on an electroacoustic stringed instrument, designed by the musician himself, timbrally this track is wonderfully individualistic. The rhythmic and melodic undulations feel immersive and introspective, a calm and reflective start to the playlist.


‘Raga Bhopali’ // Shivkumar Sharma

As a genre, and art form, Indian Classical music is seemingly overlooked by a lot of music fans. I know very little about it myself, though I can tell that I really really like it. Most songs within the genre are around 20 minutes long. I found this much shorter tune on an old playlist and it seems to sit nicely within the trajectory of the 10 tracks as a whole. The sitar in this track sounds brighter than Pierre-Jean Crosets instrument, but continues in a similar vein.


‘Euphoric Bells’ // Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble

This is a group I was introduced to through Four Tet’s ‘She Moves She’, which samples their song ‘Neptune Rising’. Euphoric Bells, lays various string, bells clicks and cymbals over a similarly undulating reverberant background. This track always sets the mood for me.


‘Turiya & Ramakrishna’ // Alice Coltrane

The enigmatic and spiritual genius of Alice Coltrane is captured in almost all her music. This is the most famous of her songs. A composition I’ve been coming back to regularly since I heard it around 5 years ago.


‘Nebulosa’ // Tenorio Jr.

This song brings some sunshine back into the mix. After a moody build up, fitting with the songs prior to it, this short but sweet track bursts into life with playful keys and bouncy bossa nova drums.


‘Get Involved’ // Jonah Thompson

For a short while last term I became slightly obsessed with the compilation ‘Good God! Apocryphal Hymns’. A collection of experimental Christian soul oddities, mostly from the ’70s. This a track from that compilation. He really sings this song like he means it!


‘Walk With Me’ // Dwight Sykes

This track is taken from ‘On the Rocks’, an unreleased album by an unknown artist made in the late ’70s. Just our luck, It was recently found and put out by the crate diggers at PPU records. This is probably the closest thing to an actual love song on this playlist.


‘Sylvia’ // Arthur Verocai

This track and the track ‘Que Mapa?’ from the same album were two of my favourite Brazilian jazz tracks for a long time. This was until I found out about Mr Bongo’s ‘Brazilian Beats from Brooklyn’, which led me to look much deeper into the scene and find a whole host of other gems (Check it out!!).


‘The World is Yours’ // Ashley Henry

Penultimately I’ve included a more energetic track. The World is Yours is an adaptation of New York rapper Nas’s track by the same name. London based jazz contemporary Ashley Henry plays homage to Nas, as well as the track ‘I Love Music’ by Ahmad Jamal which was sampled in Nas’s beat, providing a rhythmic jazz piano centrepiece and a hard-hitting percussive foundation.


‘Lonely Women’ // Ornette Coleman

This is Jazz legend Ornette Coleman’s most widely appreciated track, predating his movement into ‘free jazz’, but still providing a somewhat dissident ending to the playlist. This song is particularly good on headphones, with the two saxophones playing off in either ear.


Check the playlist here


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