“Any Sound, Any Time.” // Guest Playlist by DJ Fred Salt

“Any Sound, Any Time.” // Guest Playlist by DJ Fred Salt

No doubt, we’ve hooked you up this week. Fred Salt is one of York’s most trusted ears when it comes to world music, and this playlist might just show you why. In only 10 songs he’s given us a veritable bounty of tracks that I guarantee you’ve never heard before. However, I’m equally assured that you’ll come away with at least one new artist to explore.


Check the playlist here.


Condry Ziqubu // ‘Gorilla Man’

Straight in with the Afro-synth! I don’t know much about this record, but I absolutely love it from start to finish. Always gets me in the mood! I would definitely encourage anyone and everyone to explore afro-synth, if you aren’t already a fan.

Talking Heads // ‘Slippery People (Live)’

One of the best Talking Heads songs in my opinion, and part of an incredible film of their live show called “Stop Making Sense”. Check it out if you haven’t already.

A Vision of Panorama // ‘Two Birds’

I think this is some guy from Russia. All of his productions have this dreamy Balearic feel, but this is by far my favourite.

POOLS // ‘Tubin’’

This is potentially a bit of a simple tune, but give it a chance. This song, and the whole album in general (called Innertubes), is so well put together: it’s varied yet consistent, uses good samples and doesn’t overdo the effects. Perhaps the nu-disco equivalent of Donuts..?

Tony Allen // ‘No Accommodation For Lagos’

I struggled to decide which Tony Allen song to include as they’re all quality. Tony Allen was the drummer for Fela Kuti back in the day, so is a huge pioneer of Afrobeat. This album was made in a very tense climate so it’s very politically engaged and angry, with the first half featuring Afrika 70 (Fela Kuti’s band). The song is ridiculously long because Fela Kuti used to insist upon producing albums with fewer songs, of longer duration. The second half of the album was made alongside The Afro Messengers, after Allen and Kuti disbanded. This is reflected in the back end of the record, featuring songs of a more ‘normal’ length, with a tighter feel.

Arnie Love & The Loveletts // ‘We Had Enough’

Another political banger! Made around a similar time but over in the US with more disco influence. With reference to wage stagnation, inflation and calls to start a political revolution, this song has it all! Plus, the bassline and trumpets are killer.

Sadam Ant // ‘Baby Brother (DJ Fudge Remix)’

Heard this at Festival Number 6 on a boat party-type situation in the afternoon with some of my bezzies. The DJs playing were called Unabombers (from Manchester) and they were fully smashing it, with tune after tune. This one in-particular is proper party material; me and my mate always rinse it.

LCD Soundsystem // ‘Tribulations (Lindstrøm Mix)’

Heard this one over summer at Love International festival in Tisno, Croatia. The whole festival was amazing, but I vividly remember hearing this song on the very first day, played by Man Power. Lindstrøm is a very good producer but this surely has to be his best? Especially at 5:30…

Dancing Fantasy // ‘Voodoo Jammin’ (Kinski Love Theme)’

Another Balearic tune, but with more passion and lots of energy. I have good memories of playing this out at Soul Candy.

The Haggis Horns // ‘Love Gets You High’

Finally, here’s a very good band worth checking out; I definitely recommend seeing them live. Each band member is a very good musician in their own right, yet collectively they’re even more impressive. Their songs are normally funkier, but this one has a slight jazzy feel and is one of my all-time faves!

Check the playlist here. 


If this got you going, then you’d be a fool not to head down to Tropica at the Crescent on the 8th of February. This is definitely one of York’s most underrated nights, especially when its FREE ENTRY. You’ll catch Fred Salt on decks, among our city’s other best world-sound selectors.

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