Proper Dose // The Story So Far

Proper Dose // The Story So Far

The Pop-Punk game just got hotter. Back on the scene after a well-needed break, The Story So Far (TSSF) just dropped their new record Proper Dose, and they’re sending the heat.

Proper Dose hits hard and fast. The first three tracks – ‘Proper Dose,’ ‘Keep This Going,’ and ‘Out of It’ – break out like bullets, cutting a course of sweeping hooks and explosive outros. The Story So Far rule their way, firing out Pop-Punk scorchers that tear into you and burst out of you. Parker Cannon leads the front with his quick-draw vocals that pound out the grit; never missing. The band never swerve as they channel raw spirit into sharp, focused melody. Many songs hark back to the Under Soil and Dirt era, but this fourth record is lined with a new layer of haze; dreampop traits mirror the recent moves of genre-peers like Turnover. The high-layering and overall watertight production only extends their reach.

No doubt, there’s a change of tone for tracks like ‘Upside Down’ and ‘Take Me As You Please’ where the storm dies down. What emerges here is a new route of peace, which signals a break from the rage of past records; “It’s all love now” Cannon sings in a show of growth. He’s “done with all the noise” and what follows is the sunlight that “burns away the cold”. New life is a central aspect of Proper Dose, and this is clear, because Cannon reckons it’s their best record yet.

Proper Dose is a turning-point. With songs that match the power of predecessors and lyrics that mean progression, this record retains the essence of TSSF in a way that sparks new light. The Cali boys are tearing it up once again, and they’re burning brighter.

Proper Dose is out now.

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Sam Huntley