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Oporto is very intimate and perhaps one of the smallest venues I’ve ever been in, which created a feeling of ease with the people on stage – more as friends and less as performers. With £3 a pint it’s not only hidden and indie but very student friendly.
The first support, Talkboy, were clearly very happy to be there, which in turn, made you happy to be watching them – the crowd was completely at ease. Even though they were three men down (thus treating us to an acoustic set) their harmonies didn’t fail to impress and their voices complemented each other really well.
The second support, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, were aptly dressed for their new single ‘Double Denim Hop’ with the lead even suited in triple denim leaving you feeling transported to a different era. I loved their heavier sound and it was a nice contrast to the acoustic set before, at times reminding me of The Libertines. The lead (Thomas Rees) and drummer (Ethan Hurst) had a particularly entrancing energy which was the perfect precursor to Our Girl.
Our Girl graced the stage and with it being their first headliner in Leeds, and for them managing to accomplish a sell-out, I had high expectations. From the first song it was clear that they felt at home on stage with the lead even fixing a broken string in the middle of a song – although this is unsurprising as the frontwoman and guitarist, Soph Nathan, is also a part of The Big Moon. I had previously seen The Big Moon in O2 Academy Brixton and was very much looking forward to seeing her perform again, only this time with a different sound. The trio had a lot of chemistry and passion which, on their last song ‘Boring’, left you wanting more (and was certainly not boring!), with a lot of layers and a tribal sounding instrumental. They had a nice mix of hypnotic slow vocals which reminded me a lot of Wolf Alice, along with the heavier, drawn out guitar and drum crescendos.

One thing that was lacking was perhaps the softness of their songs which is captured in their studio recordings but this is by no means a bad thing as they still managed a more personal performance with some songs, particularly ‘Level’ which was a welcomed mellow break from the heavy bass and drums which centre a lot of their tracks. The audience were of all ages which was refreshing to see as both teens and adults alike couldn’t help but nod their heads. To quote one of their songs ‘I Really Like It’, I did in fact really like it, and their set was well put together.
The venue, supports and of course, Our Girl, made for a super cool evening and I would definitely recommend anyone with a heavier rock indie preference to check out their latest album.



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