Black Peaks // All That Divides

Black Peaks // All That Divides

Black Peaks’ new album ‘All That Divides’ came out on October 5th, with the singles ‘Can’t Sleep’, ‘Home’ and ‘Electric Fires’ being released earlier in the year. Since releasing their debut album ‘Status’ back in 2016, they’ve toured with bands like Architects, Masterdon, System of a Down, Prophets of Rage and Dillinger Escape Plan; whom they share the same harsh and heavy riffs with.

All That Divides’ was produced by Adrian Bushby, who’s also worked with bands such as Muse and the Foo Fighters. The whole album keeps with their unique style but sounds even louder and packs more of a punch. Black Peaks frontman Will Gardner said that lyrically the new album “represents the fear of the future where freedom is restricted”. With Gardner’s powerful delivery, backed by the band’s heavy beat, we’re given some incredible songs. Gardner went on to say that “over the last two years, we as a band have been incredibly lucky to have been able to travel across Europe and play our music. The fact this happened to take place during a period where various political changes, at home and abroad, made us focus a lot about the freedom and right to travel. We have seen people, families, relationships, and countries divided by conflict and political upheaval, and our reaction to this is a core lyrical theme running through the album.

Even with the fast, up beat, chuggy guitar and bass provided by Joe Gosney and Dave Larkin, the band maintain their tradition of having a couple slower, groovier songs such as ‘Aether’ and ‘Across the Great Divide.’ These add extra layers in with strings and keys to create an even wider sound. Speeding it up with songs such as ‘Eternal Light’ to a point where you can’t help but start moving. These tracks are bound to give chills when performed live.

Black Peaks live shows are just as incredible as their albums. The amount of energy and passion the whole band puts into the show is incredible. I’ve seen them at The Lemon Grove (Exeter), 2000 Trees and ArcTanGent festivals (near Bristol) and they’ve yet to disappoint. When he can, Gardener will bring his mic down into the center of the crowd to create an even more personal (and slightly spitty) experience. He’ll hit every single note, putting in a lot of effort to the point he sometimes looks in pain. Gosney and Larkin always sound massive live, with incredible guitar and bass tone. Liam Kearley keeps the whole band in check on drums, never missing a beat.

I cannot wait to see where Black Peaks end up, but I know for sure they are going to have so many more great things coming our way.

Murry Deaves