Pale Waves // My Mind Makes Noises

Pale Waves // My Mind Makes Noises


Pale Waves are rushing in. Rising onto the scene in early 2017, the Manny four-piece have toured with major leaguers The 1975 before selling out their own headline tour across the UK, Europe and America. Reaching #5 on the BBC’s Sound of 2018 and winning NME’s ‘Under the Radar’ award, they’ve truly crashed into the year as one of the hottest indie-pop acts going. Now they’re about to drop their debut record My Mind Makes Noises – a double-digit force packed with Electro-Pop power.

The record is a surge of sparkling indie-pop energy; a sublime tide that draws you in, whirls you around and hurls you into the eruption. The steady stream of sharp and shiny hits will direct the album’s core motion; a strong, fast-moving flow. The first two tracks ‘Eighteen’ and ‘There’s a Honey’ set the pace. Songs move lightly when refined guitar phrases and synth layers grace the field, carving a wide, reverbed space. Heather Baron-Gracie’s sweet, luring voice directs the tide here, dancing in and out of falsetto. Hopping basslines layer the dance. The sound shimmers with 80’s influence – echoing bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Cure. Then comes the burst into big, bouncy pop choruses filled with electro-colour. Springy guitar riffs are met with high-range synth layers and a dancey bass-drum combo occupy the lower end. At times the pop side turns heavier, when shades of Indie-rock come through in guitar distortion and more forceful drumming. Tracks like ‘One More Time’, ‘Kiss’ and the hit single ‘Television Romance’ carry this big energy. They reflect the highs and lows of youth – the trials of love, lust and heartbreak.

The record also hits with a darker impact. The surge subsides for tracks like ‘She’ and ‘Noises’ that press on issues of mental health, including body insecurity and the loss of identity. ‘Noises,’ the album’s titular track, captures a mental health struggle where “My mind makes noises too much // I feel like I’m slowly losing myself.” Such a weaving of melody and pain re-harks The Cure. Heather cites the legendary band that “give you melodies that you can sing at any time, but within those melodies… things that break your heart.” This record too manages to counter sweet, starry sound with raw, honest lyricism.

My Mind Makes Noises can draw, spin and bang. This record is a goth-pop haze that casts you under its spell.

My Mind Makes Noises is out tomorrow – reach it here


Sam Huntley