ARCTANGENT Festival // In Conversation With: And So I Watch You From Afar

ARCTANGENT Festival // In Conversation With: And So I Watch You From Afar

You’re performing your album The Endless Shimmering at ArcTanGent; what made you decide to do that?

The guys at the festival asked us if we might something a little bit special and, after the reception to the new record we got, we decided it would be nice to play the whole thing for the fans at ArcTanGent for the first time. It’s going to be pretty cool for us to perform it in its entirety; it will be a real book-end moment for us since starting to write the record in November 2015.


What else do you have planned for your set?

We wouldn’t want to spoil anything but I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.


The artwork for The Endless Shimmering is quite different from your usual style, but really effective; what’s the story behind it?

The photograph is of our friend in Singapore’s daughter Ellie and the family dog; there’s so much fury and contemplation and a whole plethora of stuff happening simultaneously. Chris saw it on his Instagram and showed it to me, we immediately started talking about what an amazing album cover it would make for the new record and it really encapsulated a lot of what the album felt like to us and the things we’d talked about with the music. We checked it was all cool and that was that. I love that cover so much.


Your music is well known for its intricacies, and this is certainly apparent on The Endless Shimmering; do you have to adapt how you perform live as opposed to recording due to this?

In the past, we’ve made life difficult for ourselves when it’s come to performing some of our albums. We’ve often created something in the studio that can be really hard to recreate live and it’s taken months of rehearsal to get there, but with The Endless Shimmering we swapped that around and we recorded live, so everything you hear on the album was us playing live. That way everything can be presented to an audience just as we played it in the studio.

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