2000 Trees Festival // In Conversation With Black Foxxes

2000 Trees Festival // In Conversation With Black Foxxes

First of all, congratulations on the reception to Reiði! How did the initial fan reactions to that album feel for you guys?

It was really amazing to see so many people take to the record. There wasn’t one, two or three songs that were mentioned over and over again for being a fan favourite, it was multiple tracks that people said they loved, even songs we considered album tracks. That was really exciting and refreshing for us to see.


How did the general writing process differ from I’m Not Well to Reiði?

It wasn’t too dissimilar in terms of writing as a band but Mark had gone to Iceland and wrote some stuff out there which really shaped his lyrical content and the vibe of the record. We’ve all grown since INW as people and musicians and I think that really shows in the record.


How would you explain the change in sound from that album to this one, and did anything influence the change?

I think change happens naturally and progression is always going to be the result of that. We’ve always been a band that’s wanted to explore sounds and different ways of doing things. I’d probably say the difference between the two records is that we took everything from the first record and matured it, we really ran with the quieter moments from INW and ran with it on Reiði.


Your set last year at 2000 Trees was absolutely fantastic; how do you plan to top last year?

Oh, thank you! We had such a great time last year. I’m not sure we’re actively trying to top last year; we’re just going to go out there, melt faces and see what happens.


What songs can we expect to hear in your set at 2000 Trees?

Do you like trumpets?


Which other acts are you excited to see at the festival?

We’re only sticking around for the Thursday this year, sadly. Really excited to see At the Drive In for sure, they were such a big influence on us growing up.


How’s the rest of 2018 shaping up for you guys?

After 2000 Trees we continue festival season until September then we’re going to be hitting the road!


Mike Gardner