2000 Trees // In Conversation with VUKOVI

Photo Stuart Simpson

How was it touring Europe with PVRIS last year?

It was definitely a step up from anything we were used to and it was our first time in Europe, but we can honestly say it couldn’t have gone better. We gained so many new fans from that tour and we couldn’t believe how much passion the Europeans had for music. So surreal.


By the time 2000 Trees comes about it will have been almost a year and a half since your album; how far along are you with new material?

 We’ve completed it, mate. 


2018’s been rather quiet for you guys so far; are you planning to burst back onto the scene later this year?

 We’ve made some minor changes to our team and wanted to time our comeback right. We never want to put anything out half-arsed and we wanted to make sure that our stuff was a level up from the album, which I think [hope] we’ve accomplished. 


Your set last year at 2000 Trees was absolutely fantastic; how do you plan to top last year’s set?

 We honestly have no idea how this set is going to pan out. We just hope that our fans will have had over a year to get friendly with the album and be even more attached to us than last year’s set, which was completely unexpected for us. 


What songs can we expect to hear in your set at 2000 Trees?

 We might debut our new single amongst the big hitters.


Which other acts are you excited to see at the festival?

Naturally our pals Fatherson and Twin [I’ve heard their new stuff is fucking amazing] and Creeper because I think Will is one of the best performers in the game right now. 


Mike Gardner