Isaac Gracie // The Crescent, York // 16.04.18

Isaac Gracie // The Crescent, York // 16.04.18

Just a number of days after the release of his debut album, Isaac Gracie took to the stage at The Crescent in York to immerse his fans into the world of his latest LP.

Support came from Matt Maltese, a singer-songwriter from Reading who’s wonderfully clever track ‘As The World Caves In’ which he claims is an ode to the current world leaders, resonated with the audience describing the exact emotions many are feeling in the current state of the world. With a similar sound to Gracie, Maltese set the rest of the evening up perfectly, and gained a few fans in the process.

It took a few songs before Gracie made contact with the audience, but when he did his humour and charisma added another side to his songs, allowing the audience to gain a deeper insight into the feelings behind the album.

Gracie harboured the energy of such an intimate setting and began an emotional, yet sometimes humorous, journey through his album. Crowd favourites such as the powerful ‘The Death of You and I’ and Radio 1’s Annie Mac’s Hottest Record ‘Running on Empty’ brought the night alive as we were reminded that Gracie was a performer, and not just a singer-songwriter. In contrast to these up beat tracks, Gracie’s rawness was also presented in songs such as ‘Darkness of the Day’, throughout which the audience was silent, as Gracie lead an emotional, haunting rendition up on stage. As the performance drew to an end, Gracie finished with his song ‘Last Words’, which the crowd did not hesitate to sing along with, creating a moment that I am sure will stick with Gracie and many of those who attended the gig for a long time to come.

Gracie well and truly lived up to the hype and it is no surprise that the majority of the music industry is talking about him. A excellent performer and a brilliant wordsmith, Gracie is one you definitely don’t want to miss.


Joe Daubney