Blossoms // The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // 1.5.18

Blossoms // The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // 1.5.18

With Blossoms second debut album, Cool Like You, fresh off the presses, the Stockport stars are gracing venues up and down the country armed with new material and eager fans. This evening saw them stop for a double billing at The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, switching up the festival stages they have become accustomed, for an intimate acoustic guitar clad performance.

The evening married together the best parts of an acoustic show, the personalised performance without sacrificing the botched set up that acoustic shows often fall prey to – with the whole band gracing Brudenell’s stage with only a few instrument rearrangements. Coupled with the endearingly familiar lighting of small local venues, reminiscent of school discos in the best way, Blossoms can still more than comfortably command a modest venue.

The setlist was predominantly made up of the new material, it was an album release show after all – showcasing 7 of their newest tracks to an enthusiastic audience. Despite only being released 4 days ago, a good portion of the crowd had a firm handle on the lyrics – demonstrating the sheer dedication of their adoring fans. Although fangirls get a bad rep at gigs, Blossoms appear to have cultivated a following of small groups of over-excited teenage boys out on a school night. The stage patter the band have honed created a great atmosphere, not all bands have the ability to appear grounded and personable up on a stage but Blossoms strike a good balance of unpretentious chat – with lead guitarist, Josh Dewhurst, embodying the relaxed vibe by sipping a mug of tea throughout the show.

One track which really stood out was ‘Love Talk’, the final song of their new album, showcased Tom Ogden’s live vocals flawlessly. A quietly swaying crowd immersed in a love story, gently strummed on guitar with Ogden’s buttery vocals, made for a serene few minutes. For the end of the performance they pulled out some fan favourites of their debut album, kicking off with ‘My Favourite Room’, which was dutifully serenade back to the stage by the whole room. The choice of the final track was down to the audience, epitomizing the charming personalisation of the whole performance, the crowd selected ‘Charlemagne’, with well over 22 million Spotify plays and the track which put the northern quintet on the musical map. The acoustic guitar gives the chords in ‘Charlemagne’ an entertaining flamenco flair and with that, the 45-minute set drew to a close. Short and sweet is the perfect descriptor for the evening, after watching them perform on the monumental mainstage at Benicassim Festival last year, it was a refreshing to know that despite their successes they will still drop in at local venues for a tranquil performance.

Kat Ferris