Sea Girls // Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // 09/02/2018

Sea Girls // Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // 09/02/2018

Photo by Jodie Canwell 

Sea Girls aren’t showing any signs of fatigue. Having set firm foundations in 2017, the Alt-Rock four piece welcomed February with their first UK tour; the start of a year saturated with festival dates and recording. It’s with this same tenacity that they approached their show at Brudenell Social Club. Fun and charismatic, Sea Girls certainly left Leeds with even more fans enthused and infected by their energetic brand of indie rock.

Courtyards’ husky support set welcomed the audience as they trickled into Brudenell social club’s community room. It’s while the crowd swelled that I realised that I was flanked by gaggling teens to match reserved and excitable middle aged couples, along with everything in between. The long-haired lads took to the stage and stormed straight into ‘What For.’ Rising and dipping through the chorus, frontman Henry Camamile sung through his macaroni curls as the crowd edged forward. From this moment, Sea Girl’s enthusiasm was equaled by the audience. Once Rory Young crashed into the unmistakable guitar melody of ‘Lost’ the room’s energy increased, the red ribbon dangling from his guitar’s headstock danced while he jerked and swayed. The band certainly went the distance on new track ‘Eat Me Whole’, with Young performing its rousing solo swallowed by the crowd.

‘Daisy Daisy’ appropriately slowed the tempo. The venue’s tall ceiling and blank walls made it feel like the last dance at a school disco, as Camamile crooned through the track with honesty and emotion. The time then arrived for the boys to close the show with fan favourite ‘call me out.’ Drummer Oli Kahn was panting and red faced, and the rest of the band were also visibly drained from their set, yet they were pushed on by the crowd who repeated every last word of their powerful hit. Sea Girls truly gave their all for the fans that night, and while they received a great deal of love from the crowd, it’s clear that they’re taking none of it for granted.

Sea girls are taking their talents on tour with The Academic in April.

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