Marsicans // The Church, Leeds // 10.03.2018

Marsicans // The Church, Leeds // 10.03.2018


Photos by Amy Vearncombe

The Marsicans were poised below the mesmerising stained glass that The Church, Leeds boasts, a fittingly grand conclusion to their first ever headlining tour and sold-out homecoming performance. The upbeat indie quartet have exploded onto the scene over the last year, recently touring alongside JAWS, Clean Cut Kid, Hippo Campus and the Pigeon Detectives. All this as well as signing to LAB records, securing a feature on Radio 1’s playlist and hitting a million Spotify plays on their EP. With no signs of slowing down, the Marsicans are firmly establishing themselves as a harmonious force to be reckoned with.

The Golden Age Of TV, a self-proclaimed indie art-rock quintet, began the night followed by the VISTΛS; a fresh faced Scottish band of the alt-rock persuasion. They expertly fulfilled their role, grabbing the crowd’s attention and establishing the fuzzy high energy which endured the whole evening. They drew support from the crowd within their own right, basking in the glow of their sunset-tinted staging, wrapping up their set with fan favourite ‘Retrospect’ – paralleling a sound reminiscent of Grouplove and other late noughties feel-good indie hits.


On the main event, the Marsicans burst onto the haze filled stage, in a flurry in primary colours from both their boisterously fun lighting and co-ordinated outfits –  not a far cry from their own twist on a uniform. They introduced the show with ‘Friends’, a punchy track, filled to the brim with electrifying guitar riffs and colourful harmonies. This dynamic opening, set-up the scintillating atmosphere for the night. Despite some technical setbacks afflicting lead guitarist, Oli Jameson, for the first few tracks, he persevered with a beaming smile un-phased. His enthusiasm was equally matched by the rest of the band. The unadulterated joy they bring to the stage is utterly captivating and nothing short of contagious, setting their performance apart from your average indie ensemble.

The setlist was studded with tantalising glimpses of new tracks for fans to sink their teeth into, hinting at what is on its way on the bands inevitable upward trajectory. The crowd willingly joined in at every given moment, particularly during the distinctive hook in ‘Throw Ourselves In’ which lends itself flawlessly to audience assistance. Although, the majority of the performance was laden with boundless spirit, the four-piece, lowered the tempo for their latest single ‘Wake Up Freya’. Providing some respite for both band and crowd; a moment to take in and listen to the calming track, with their soft but still slick harmonies taking the centre stage.

‘Absence’ marked the satisfying finale of the rambunctious set, complete with silver confetti glittering down as the house lights began to rise. Despite their relative infancy in the world of music, Marsicans are already more than capable of dominating the stage and are fast becoming one of my favourite live bands; watch this space.

Kat Ferris