Don Broco // O2 Academy, Leeds // 17.2.2018

Don Broco // O2 Academy, Leeds // 17.2.2018

Six years have passed since I first saw Don Broco grace a stage, armed only with their debut EP Big Fat Smile. Since then their following has grown as considerably as their discography (now boasting three full length LP’s), however, the boundless energy and sheer fun that the band bring to a show has remained consistent. The Bedford born outfit beam an effortless cool as they perform, with each band member commanding the audience’s attention within their own right – notably, guitarist Si Delanany’s captivatingly short shorts which allowed for maximum enthusiastic guitar playing.

The set was kicked off with the distinct heavy riff that introduces their tongue-in-cheek single ‘Pretty’, a song that started the show as it meant to go on. The subsequent setlist was split evenly between their last two records, filling the venue with their unique blend of charismatic 80s pop-inflected rock, which borrows features from electronic and funk sounds that are underpinned by unapologetic metal riffs. Despite Technology, their most recent project, being a new release, their dedicated fan base appeared be quick learners, with much of the crowd flawlessly reciting the lyrics to ‘Greatness’ back to frontman, Rob Damiani.

Daminani did not shy away from his adoring crowd, spending a good portion of the show knee deep in fans and paying special attention to individual members of the audience. A man carrying an inflatable pig triggered the best moment of Daminani’s entertaining crowd interaction, with the song ‘Porkies’ naturally being dedicated to the plastic swine. Their staging was kept simple. The lighting was captivating. Colours from the lights beamed onto the stage which corresponded satisfyingly with the respective album covers of the songs playing. The four-piece flew through their set, but not without dipping into their most popular tracks such as ‘Automatic’, ‘Priorities’ and ‘You Wanna Know’.

‘Come Out To LA’ kicked off the encore, with drummer Matt Donnelley piping up from behind his kit to harmonise the track. To finish off the show was aptly ‘T-Shirt Song’ which includes the lyrics “There’s one song left / No time for no regrets / I take my T-shirt off / Swing it around my head”, unsurprisingly the enthusiastic crowd had come prepared with props; t-shirts emerged off backs and out of pockets and rose to the air for a triumphant, albeit semi-naked, climax to the show.

Kat Ferris