Preview // CLOCKWORK #002 Laska // Mansion Underground, York // 17.2.2018

Preview // CLOCKWORK #002 Laska // Mansion Underground, York // 17.2.2018

CLKWORK, York’s newest collective for the underground scene, is bringing the up-and-coming DJ/Producer Laska. Known for his industrial, dusty, reflective nature, the London based DJ will be bringing a different tone to the York techno scene. With mixes such as Illian Tape and Groovy Groove, this night is one of chilled ambient vibes palatable to an audience wider than just the techno-heads. Simply put, if you are aware or enjoy the music of the label Timedance, or are a fan of Dj Pangea or Objket, this isn’t a night to be missed.

However, Laksa isn’t the only attractive feature of CLKWORK’s event; the beginning of the night will be kicked off by first time performances of unreleased tracks by local dj’s and producers such as Zealous Technician, Buluau and QWIRK. In their continued mission to introduce all the underground local work York has to offer within the techno scene, CLKWORK has selflessly and eagerly given platform for these producers to have their sounds heard not only by us but possibly Laksa too.

For their 3rd official event, CLKWORK is making impressive strides simply with the quality of talent they pull in despite being less than a year old. The appearance of Laksa and the showcasing beforehand, only indicates CLKWORK’s clear intention to be abreast of the techno scene which is formidable and really something to see.

Adaobi Nezianya

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