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Playing shows around their home state of Texas, brother and sister Tyler and Maggie Heath formed The Oh Hellos in 2011. Later that year the duo recorded their first eponymous EP which showed off their complimentary voices and poetic lyrics with the popular first song ‘Hello My Old Heart’ now reaching almost 29 million listens on Spotify. The siblings then released their debut full-length album Through the Deep, Dark Valley in 2012 which they wrote and produced themselves. Opening with the stomping folk sounds of ‘The Valley’, a new “stomp and holler” effect pulsates throughout. However, the duo also utilises their ethereal sound to create warm acoustic tracks such as ‘I Have Made Mistakes’ echoing the running themes of nostalgia and regret throughout the record. Before touring in 2013, Tyler and Maggie asked some of their musically talented friends to join them for the ride. With as many as 13 musicians at any given point, the group often change and switch up making the band so unique to see live. With allusions to literature seeping through their debut album, it was of no surprise that their sophomore album, Dear Wormwood, follows suit. The record is said to be partly inspired by The Screwtape Letters written by C. S. Lewis which concerns Christian moral values and the dangers of temptation. As expected the album brings both delicately lyrical ballads of soothing harmonies and thumping louder tracks filled with the miscellany of noise from the large live ensemble. Their new album Notos includes explosive folk-rock sounds in ‘New River’ and the single ‘Torches’ and with similar tropes to Of Monsters and Men and The Head and the Heart, I expect an explosive performance for The Oh Hellos’ upcoming gig at The Band on the Wall, Manchester.


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