Marsicans // The Crescent, York // 29.11.17

Marsicans // The Crescent, York // 29.11.17

It seems York is a cursed City for Marsicans. In the chat I had before their show with lead singer James Newbigging, I was told of a previous York gig where the band had begun their set only to find one of the lead guitar amps had failed to work. Tonight it seemed like a strong case of De Ja Vu. As the opening chords rang out, and the drum track played Marsicans seemed to momentarily be a soundtrack band. It had happened again. This time the microphone had cut out. Within a short moment however the sound was back, and Marsicans could crack on with their set.marsicans

Whilst the majority of the modest York crowd were fairly unfamiliar with the Marsicans set list, their upbeat, contagious indie-pop had the York crowd on side within a just a few tracks. Even if the equipment caused some teething issues. Whilst the euphoric guitar riffs rang out, drummer of the Leeds outfit, Cale, couldn’t resist the constant urge to relentlessly headbang throughout most of the set, a sight only comparable to the lovechild of ‘Animal’ from the Muppets and a 70s hair-metal guitarist. The headbanging was quite the spectacle. The set was invariably short and snappy being a support act, but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

Marsicans are a band very much on the rise, without even a debut album to their name, and the on a freezing evening in one of York’s latest venues they certainly scored some new fans from the young York crowd. 2018 looks forward to a number of headline shows for the Marsicans so I recommend getting down to one if you can, if only in the exectation of finding more unnecessary headbanging and joyous indie-pop – hopefully without any technical difficulties this time!

Tom Cadman

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