dvsn//Morning After

dvsn//Morning After

In the last months of 2017, the Canadian Duo dvsn released their sophomore album Morning After. Rather than sex, the theme revolves around failed relationships however the duo still uses their unique blend of trap, bounce and alt R’n’B.

The album starts with ‘Run away’ which deviates away from their known smooth production and brassy lyrics to something colder and akin to the ‘trapsoul’ genre. However, 5 tracks in and we are introduced to ‘Don’t Choose’ which samples Issac Hayes and features PARTYNEXTDOOR in the backing vocals. This song is a nice change to the sonically as it’s the first song you can somewhat dance to and the theme is a familiar one to any dvsn fan- sex.

‘P.O.V’ is one stand out track as it pays homage to R’n’B singers especially Maxwell as it samples ‘Fortunate’. The sampling provided a nice backbone to the track keeping it steady in its sound as it provided good mid-tempo R’n’B vibes, making it more reminiscent of their first album -Sept 5th.

The second half of the album is more enjoyable as we are released from the tight hold of minimal sounds and overemphasised sentimentality. Morning After leads us to a more indie sound with light Spanish influences creating a good pop song for the current popular style. ‘Claim’ is the other stand out track as it merges acoustic soul well with soft trap bounce which complements Daley’s emotive falsetto.

Overall, Morning After is an album more consistent in its sound which is a massive improvement from their debut. However, in this improvement they lost their spark; the album was probably made with the intention of being more subtle and sentimental, with the lyrics being more substantial. However, it at times became dull and over-dramatic especially in regards to the topics (the all too common situationships that become simultaneously too passionate and toxic). Mid-tempo melodies enhanced the sonic experience as it showed off the tone, range and expression of Daley without being overdone. Yet, most of the tracks were slow tempo with heavy bass or jazzy piano riffs or solemn strings which were at times a lot. Dvsn’s next step should be to cultivate the right blend using their 1st and 2nd album sounds to satisfy the potential that everyone knows they have.

Adaobi Nezianya