Pale Waves // The Sound Control Basement, Manchester // 18.10.2017

Pale Waves // The Sound Control Basement, Manchester //  18.10.2017

It was a typically chilly night in Manchester as Pale Waves performed a sold-out show at the Sound Control Basement in support of their forthcoming debut EP. There has been a definite air of excitement following the band over recent weeks, with a fast growing fandom, not to mention their recent NME cover shoot, it seems that Pale Waves have propelled into the spotlight with amazing traction.

Following a solid support set from Manchester based indie-rocked Phoebe Green, Pale Waves emerged to perform their homecoming show.  Heather Baron-Gracie is a natural front-woman and the band blistered through opening track -and latest single – ‘Television Romance’.  The band proceeded through their thirty-minute set stopping only to give a few thanks in between tracks.  A surprise performance of early demo ‘The Tide’ featured in the set-list, a song that the band had previously said that they’d dismissed, appeared three tracks in along with new song ‘You Don’t Love Us Anymore’. The four-piece certainly didn’t disappoint eager crowds by continuing to play the fan favourites – ‘My Obsession’ and ‘Heavenly’. The recently announced single entitled ‘New Year’s Eve’ was the penultimate track of the night; a song is best explained as a blend of The 1975’s Chocolate and The Cure’s Pictures of You. Their final track showcased the band’s wide ranging appeal and potential as they stormed through their debut single, the almost perfect indie-pop song, ‘There’s a Honey ‘ leaving the venue encompassed with rapturous applause.  Whilst it would’ve been nice for the set to have been longer, as it barely crossed the thirty-minute mark, the overall show was fun, bouncy and a rather enjoyable experience.  

Whilst Pale Waves would be wise to watch out for the inevitable The 1975 comparisons, the band showed that they have the potential to in fact headline their own arenas one day. In a foregoing interview with Circulation, Heather confirmed the production of their debut EP, an EP I would highly recommend looking out for.


Callum Alston