Meadowlark // Fibbers, York //9.10.12017

Meadowlark // Fibbers, York //9.10.12017

A dark, damp October night sets the scene outside Fibbers for the York chapter on Meadowlark’s UK tour. Lined, however, with the nocturnal energy pulsating in their new record ‘Postcards’ (album review here) the Bristol duo were arguably well-adapted to this dark October habitat.

Upon entering the venue we find the Fibbers stage graced with forestry, a sense of nature fitting for the music to follow. Support comes first from The Bronze – a mellow folk-acoustic duo showing delighting vocals and a sociable stage presence. A nice, thematic start to the evening.

The next support comes from Kimberley Kennedy – a strong, soulful voice in command of a skilful electro-pop band. They thank Meadowlark who cheer in response from backstage; rapport like this between artists is nice to see.

The time comes for Meadowlark to take stage. They tell us to come closer (the venue was far from full capacity) so we edge forward, ready for an intimate set. They open with ‘Paraffin’, a shadowy track singing of a long-distance romance. They stand on a darkened stage surrounded by a circle of elusive amber lights that dance in and out of sight, guiding the nocturnal energy circling in the room. They proceed to fire off a series of tracks from the new record, including ‘Satellite’ (the first one they recorded for the album), ‘Body Lose’ and more. Their graceful folk-electronica shines on the live stage as they sail through their debut record. Kate McGill’s light, aerial voice glides through the songs and Dan Broadley resonates with energy, skilfully working beats and melodies on a range of instruments and moving dynamically on the stage.

They then decide to “strip it back a bit” for ‘That’s Life’, a pretty wonderful coming of age ballad, before more album tracks and a pretty sweet cover of ‘May I Have This Dance’ by Francis & The Lights (check it out on Spotify). They also bring their hit song ‘Fly’ to the surface; they mention the song’s major success and show us the stunning acoustic version that has now amassed over 15 million Spotify streams.

Though the small turnout was a shame to see for a duo of their calibre (a surprise too considering their online popularity), seeing these two in action made for a pretty sweet Monday evening.  Hopefully their songs will continue to spread.

Sam Huntley