In Conversation with PEACH

In Conversation with PEACH

Feature photo by Rebecca Higginbottom. In text photo by Gregor Forrest.

A new single, EP and tour are just three things on the agenda for PEACH, self proclaimed hairy nectarines. A conversation with the trio provided the perfect refuge from the stormy night that observed the band perform a highly enjoyable and energetic set.

Hailing from outside Leeds and performing a genre that could be described as euphonious emo with definite clout, PEACH are becoming increasingly visible within the York music scene. Having recently released new single ‘Stay at Home’, we wanted to find out a little more behind its lyrical meaning. Edna (lead vocals and guitar) explained how the song was fabricated in the wake of finishing university, and was inspired by a highly relatable reluctance to grow-up and leave friends behind. The lyrical component to ‘Stay at Home’ came somewhat naturally, and the song was written over the course of just a couple of days. Despite its apparent simplicity, it was one of the most difficult to perfect in the studio. This was due to the series of complex tempo changes that compose its catchy sound. In the wake of the single PEACH revealed plans to release their first EP, which is expected to be a coherent body of work as each song, lyrically, works well together.

Intrigued by the possibility of future performances we discussed tour plans. Organised are nine tour dates with support from Parker Lee spanning from the 9th – 18th of February following the release of their EP. Venues will be spread right across the country, so you’ll be able to catch the outfit in a city close by. Despite hopes of further widening their audiences the band explained how York’s music scene is certainly a welcoming and responsive one, especially in comparison to larger cities where audience engagement is more difficult to ascertain. However, a personal favourite in terms of past performances, as noted by Dougie, was a gig organised by She in Manchester. He explained to allure of playing to an audience of strangers and getting a response from the crowd. It’s these moments for PEACH that act as confirmation for “doing something right” and drive them forward reach out to new listeners.


When on stage Edna seems to be a confident performer devoid of the extraneous factors which may influence the gig. However, for many female fronts their gender has in some way affected their experience within the alternative music scene. I asked the band about their personal take on the issue. For Edna, the stage felt almost like a safe-haven in which the only thing of importance should be their musical performance and abilities. The rest of the band were synonymous with this opinion, and felt that being a female fronted band makes them stand out and go against the grain. With so many powerful and influential female artists rising in music in general, it seems that there’s a certain degree of progression and change underway.

Simply put, it’s “good music” that has an influence on PEACH’s sound with a diverse spectrum of tastes ranging from Nirvana through to The Last Shadow Puppets. Looking locally however, some favourite talents included Foreign Lives, The Elephant Trees, Elevator Lady, Parker Lee and Crywank. All three members of the band were keen to express the importance of supporting local artists, and giving these bands the recognition they certainly deserve.


Be sure to catch PEACH at one of their coming gigs which include:

  • 17/11/2017 – The Falcon Tap York
  • 23/11/2017 – Verve Bar, Leeds
  • 1/12/2017 – New York Club, York
  • 3/12/1027 – CHUNK, Leeds
  • 4/12/2017 – The Basement, York

Rebecca Higginbottom