The Receivers // Crescent Moon Heart

The Receivers // Crescent Moon Heart

2017 has been a big year for York band The Receivers. Considering they’ve been fully formed for less than a year – their fantastic live shows, success in signing to Alya Records this summer and now the recent release of their first EP Crescent Moon Heart last month shows they’re not exactly a band who sit around.


The artwork for Crescent Moon Heart shows a cracked, blue, bleeding heart and this certainly sets the tone for its emotional content. This EP is not so much a set of love songs, rather a set of songs about love – and not the uplifting kind of love, but the angsty, lovesick, introspective kind.


Indeed, title track ‘Crescent Moon Heart’ charts an obsession with the “duchess of danger” and sets the tone for the EP with The Receivers’ distinctive sound – feisty drum hooks and killer guitar solos alongside lead singer Nicholas Aldous’ catchy lyrics. Lines such as “you’re a bad habit and I just got to have it” relate feelings of being trapped into a downward spiralling relationship and this is matched by heavy guitar and drum solos.


Elements on ‘Glass’ and ‘Promises’ call to mind the expansive sounds of bands such as Ash and The Cribs – particularly towards the end of ‘Glass’ where the song slows down and speeds back up. Rather than being morose and depressing, the emotive refrain, “he’s better, whatever, there’s nothing I can do” builds to become a triumphant mantra for feelings of jealousy and woeful inferiority. ‘Promises’ is a more melodic track with an underlining mood of nostalgia, “thinking of yesterday”.


Finally, if the EP began by diving headfirst into a pacey title track, it has a much darker and more brooding finale. The line “do you read me” is chanted over and over, until guitars climax to a crashing finish and Aldous sings “pretending to be people that we’re not” in what is a dramatic conclusion to the album.


Overall, while the themes on Crescent Moon Heart may be about breakups and unhealthy relationships, as a first EP it is a triumph, and if it is anything to go by, the future certainly bodes well for The Receivers.


You can listen to Crescent Moon Heart on Spotify now and catch The Receivers live at Oxjam Leeds on 21st October, Fibbers in York on 13th November (tickets) and The Basement in York on 19th December (tickets)!

Jessie Adams