Preview // CLK WRk#001 HAPPA // Mansion Underground // 19.10.17

Preview // CLK WRk#001 HAPPA // Mansion Underground // 19.10.17

The underground club scene is a thriving metropolis and we welcome another brand into the fold in the form of CLKWRK, headed up by York uni students, Joe & Harry. Bringing you the many faces of techno in one killer night in the sacred vaults of Mansion.

Joe told Circulation about how he wanted to make a statement with their first booking. And that they did, booking in young techno up and comer, Happa, who at a very young age, has garnered support from some of the genres biggest, including Loefah, Mary Anne-Hobbs & Four Tet to name a few. With releases on heavyweight labels such as R&S, Boomkat and Domino, it’s clear that his career is just in its infancy. We know he’ll be delivering his unique brand of bass-driven techno for many years to come. Happa’s innovative production style is a breath of fresh air. He proved this when he took on FACT Magazine’s ‘Against The Clock’ challenge, where he samples his mum’s and dad’s old tapes to create a pulsating dark and ambient track. It’s well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it, click here to have a look.On the night, there is a load of support bringing you a flurry of different styles of techno across the night including co-founder Single Mum, Raf, Ollie Martin and additional co-founder Joe. We caught up with Joe ahead of the event to find out more about what they are all about and what we can expect, straight from the horse’s mouth.


How did the night come about? 

“For years I’ve been throwing parties back home, I come from a very small and poorly connected village in the east midlands – so club nights weren’t really a thing for me until I came to University at the age of 19. I think we must have been averaging a party every couple weeks between June 2014 – January 2015. My parents weren’t about much over that period as they’d just retired and had decided to take time travelling around the country seeing friends and family. These parties created a bit of a legacy back home and are something I’d like to recreate here in York, but on a slightly bigger scale. I’ve done a lot of chin stroking since I started uni and chatting with my friends Raf, Adafe and Harry about ideas, we’ve also visited a lot of club nights around the country. It’d be great to get a little slice of what you see in terms of dance music in Leeds and Sheffield here in York.“


What’s the night all about?

“The night is all about bringing like-minded people together and sharing something that we’re deeply passionate about. Already we have an awesome base of promoters, residents and artists helping to organise our parties and contributing on Facebook to our broader community. We want CLK WRK to be something bigger than just a night, it’s supposed to be a forum for people to talk about great music and the ever-growing underground music scene we have within this city“.


For those who don’t know, what can we expect from Happa on the night?

“We booked Happa to make a statement, he’ll be playing a lot of experimental and darker dance floor oriented sounds. I’m sure his two-hour set will cover a lot of uncharted territories, things that you simply don’t hear played in York. Alongside plenty of Techno bangers to dance to as well!“.


We know you’ve got some great support on the night too, what can we expect from them music-wise?

“We’re keeping the night pretty varied. I’ll be playing 11–12 mixing some dark electro sounds with lots of weird and wonderful 130bpm stuff, so get down early if you want to have a good boogie. Then we’ve got our co-founder Single Mum (aka Harry) who’ll be playing a wide selection of Techno, with lots of worldly and breakbeat influences. After Happa we’ll have Raf mixing some Jungle until close. Both Happa and Raf will be mixing a bit of vinyl which is always cool to see. Visually we’ve got my good friend Ollie Martin creating some crazy real time glitch visuals being projected off to the side of the dancefloor, hopefully we can pop some seating over there too so that there’s somewhere to sit and chill if you need a break from the dancefloor“.


Imagine a world in which money was no object. Who would be your dream booking to bring to the dusty basements of Mansion and why?

“That’s a tough one!! I’d like to see maybe an all night long Ben UFO set. There’re so many names though going my head!“


As you know, here at Circulation, we are all about new, exciting music, so are there any artists on your radar who our readers should know about?

“Well recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Golden Teacher, who’re a really interesting collective from Glasgow. Blawan has a new release coming out soon if you want big driving techno tunes. Florian Kupfer as well is someone I’ve been listening to loads. Your best bet is to join our Facebook group, we have all sorts of great DJs, artists and general music lovers sharing tunes every day!”


Its set to be a fantastic night, with music and visuals to get you going. Come and join us on the dance floor for a night of boogieing. Tickets are still available here.

Fred Stiddard