MiC LOWRY // Mood

MiC LOWRY // Mood

Mic Lowry are a five-piece group originally from Liverpool. They rose the music scene in 2011, signing
with Universal Music UK. Their Mood EP was released on the 18th of October to eager fans. From the
perspective of someone unfamiliar with their music, their EP is a high quality, fun collection of music that
is sure to attract many new fans.

Their EP has 7 tracks with a beautiful blend of their five collective voices as well as catchy
instrumentals. The true stars of their EP have to be their songs ‘No Problem’ and ‘Know What You Like’.
With regards to lyrics, ‘Know What You Like’, has some familiar popular references in R&B like ‘red cups’
and ‘nudes’, along with smooth vocals and an incredibly catchy beat. This song centres around being
attracted to one person and trying to get their attention. All these elements along with the hype acoustic
outro of their repeated refrain, ‘I know what you like’ make this a true gem and probably one the most
replayable songs on this EP. ‘No Problem’ also has an extremely catchy hook – listeners will definitely
have the line ‘Call me, call me, at night when you’re in the Mood’ stuck in their heads for days. The lyrics
contrast other songs on the EP as this song is more about keeping a primarily casual relationship with
another person. Also, slight side note, don’t you just love when the name of an album/ EP comes up in a

Their track ‘Can’t Lie’ was released prior to the Mood Ep and definitely has some Usher-esque
‘Confession’ vibes to it. The lyrics follow an apologetic narrative and where there is hope for
reconciliation after an affair. One track the listeners would particularly enjoy but may be overlooked is the
‘2 U – Interlude’. This track contrasts the overall EP as it favours the use of a guitar only rather than the
more upbeat, dance songs on the EP. The harmonies and chilled, relaxed guitar backing track have the
effect of nostalgia on a listener – it has a real 90s vibe to it. The lyrics, too, are very humble and genuine.
This song is about giving your all to one person and being devoted to just that one person. That sharp
contrast does work well as, without it, a listener may feel that all the songs on the EP all the same when
listened to in order.

Given that Mic Lowry is still new to the music scene, they certainly did not disappoint with their Mood
EP. Each track is distinct and they take you on an enjoyable journey using beautiful music and vocal
arrangements. All their tracks are perfect for any kind of vibe; whether it be pre-drinks or to just relax to.
Not only is the Mood EP a really good compilation of songs, but it also proves that this five-piece group
are artists to look out for in the future.

Rating: 5/5

Domonique Lemonius