Nothing But Thieves // Fibbers. York // 30.05.2017

Nothing But Thieves // Fibbers. York // 30.05.2017

Photo by Alex Sturrock 

To begin the evening, eager ears were treated to the sounds of two bands; Cortes and Airways. Both are relatively unknown, but nonetheless were thoroughly enjoyed by all. It’s not hard to see why Nothing But Thieves chose them to open: you could hear tones of similarity, a giveaway of the influences the bands have provided each other. On the other hand, all three indie rock groups were perfectly complimentary, and kept the audience interested. In fact, the whole set was constantly extraordinary. It felt like you were taken to another euphoric state – the sheer excellence of the atmosphere and music meant that the night was so entertaining, it ran away from us all and was over far too soon.

Nothing But Thieves opened with ‘Ban All The Music’; being one of their most well-known and upbeat songs, it was a fantastic choice for getting the audience pumped up and getting their full, frenzied attention. Though the stage was small, it had immense acoustics, and fit the band in a perfectly snug fashion (even with room for several guitar changes). In fact, each song was fully encapsulated by the venue, as the intimate size added another dimension to the eerie tracks.

The tempo was then skilfully changed by a mix of the strong beat of ‘Wake Up Call’ juxtaposed with the divine eerie tones of ‘If I Get High’. The set also included fan favourites ‘Trip Switch’ and ‘Itch’, along with the sombre sounds of ‘Graveyard Whistling’, ‘Hanging’ and ‘Emergency’, meaning there was a song for everyone – I doubt you’d find someone who hadn’t heard their personal favourite track that night. There was also a new addition to the set, as York were treated to a track from their upcoming album Broken Machine, set to be released in September, and although it remained unnamed, its incredible sound will undoubtedly be recognised when the new songs hit people’s airwaves.

The night was also made more fantastic by the crowd; they obviously knew their stuff, and despite certain people’s comments on members of the audience not being “true fans”, the majority easily sang along to the melancholic lyrics and perfectly kept beat with unified and rhythmic clapping. The atmosphere seemed to be that of many people joined together, sharing their loyal support and love of the band, having come to the venue to appreciate the music they play at home in its highest form. After all, Nothing But Thieves are one of those bands who somehow manage to be even better live than through headphones, even when you already thought they were fantastic.

The set unfortunately had to come to a close, and ended on the inevitable and incredible new track ‘Amsterdam’. The audience were left longing for the sounds of Broken Machine, and itching to see and hear Nothing But Thieves again.

Agnès Sadler

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