Preview // Nothing But Thieves // Fibbers, York // 30.05.17

Preview // Nothing But Thieves // Fibbers, York // 30.05.17

Nothing But Thieves are the type of band you would want to have earbuds securely in for on an undisturbed woodland walk but, on the other hand, can be entirely appropriate as a motivational gym track or a head banger when you’re dancing vigorously around your room. With a unique sound, most commonly categorised as alt-rock anthems, Nothing but Thieves are a five-piece band with the ability to put you in a trance with their music and ensure you never fall off their addictive bandwagon. Their music can be likened to that of Jeff Buckley, intermingled with intriguing similarities to Muse and Radiohead.

Despite releasing their debut album in October 2015; the ethereal voice of lead singer Conor Mason, who boasts an incredible falsetto, along with the versatile guitar sounds of Dom and Joe and the strong, but not overbearing, bass and drumming of Philip and James; the band have seen themselves gain quite the loyal following. However, this does not come as a surprise when each track can be considered a wholly different piece of artistry to the one before. The band appear to have left no avenue unexplored with their innovative use of electronics, building tracks off loops, transforming melody and pace from song to song and ingeniously making use of symphony bass and drums. Moreover, the lyrics can only be described as faultless and thought-provoking, only adding and never detracting from the music that carries them.

Nothing But Thieves recently released the track ‘Amsterdam’ in anticipation of their new album Broken Machine to be released in September and will be playing a sold out show at Fibbers, York on Tuesday 30th May which is set to be a fantastic night.

Agnès Sadler

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