Preview: Animaux presents DJ Seinfeld

Preview: Animaux presents DJ Seinfeld

Hot off the heels of his debut album Ruff Hysteria released last week, DJ Seinfeld is coming to York courtesy of Animaux, who bring the up and coming swede to Mansion this Sunday. Lo-fi house, of which Seinfeld sits at the forefront of, emerged in its current form from the underground last year with a mass of youtube plays and discogs frenzy. An instantly recognisable sound that is both tied to deep house nostalgia and offers a fresh alternative to a scene that is always in danger of becoming too homogenised; lo fi trades in emotionally wrought melody, looped vocals played out over splashes of reverb and of course, thickly cut synths. This isw dirty house music, gritty and warped with a no fucks given approach that seems to be as much a mentality of the artist’s as it does the music. Seinfeld shares his aesthetic with the likes of Ros9s from friends, DJ Boring, Mall grab amongst others, an attitude FACT called “apparently ironic” at the end of last year in describing their approach. They don’t seem to take things very seriously, and the track names, choices of vocal samples and artwork certainly ring of an undeniable anti authenticity that echoes meme culture.

When it comes to the music itself however, you’ll struggle to find a group of artists that are delivering more consistently interesting material. Seinfeld’s own U for example, released last year has amassed over 375,000 plays on Youtube alone, and for good reason. There’s something in between the swirling, dense melodies and the Bob Geldof sample (where he discusses heartbreak) that simultaneously pulls at the heartstrings and gets the foot tapping. Go a little deeper into his rapidly expanding catalogue and you’ll quickly see that this is an artist that doesn’t mess around when it comes to the music. The debate around this new movement, whether its been accused of ‘spoofing’ off the sounds of its Chicago predecessors or being the most exciting thing to happen to the genre last year shows that its been making waves amongst the heads of the industry. House music, a genre notorious for its borrowing of styles and cyclical trends has once again birthed a sub genre to put itself back in the discussion with a bunch of labels and artists ushering in new, young talent in droves. Labels like 1080p, Shall Not Fade, Lobster Theremin and others all offer their own reasons to be excited about this forward thinking alternative to the polished sound that has become a fixture of today’s circuit. Recognising the speed and necessity to evolve that’s involved a culture that keeps shapeshifting with the times, Seinfeld doesn’t doubt that his schtick has an eye on the past. He told four four magazine:


“Lo-fi (or raw, distorted house) has been around for decades, it has taken different shapes and forms and there are numerous artists before me that deserve credit for pioneering it. To name a few, just look at L.I.E.S. Records, Bunker Records, Clone, the Chicago and Detroit guys, etc etc.

What I am doing is nothing really that new, it exists within an already established paradigm of dance music and so the only thing I hope for is perhaps identifying myself within that framework.”


Couple this attitude with the music and there’s a a lot to be excited about his arrival in YO10 this weekend. Animaux always make good on their promise to deliver real music to real fans of the underground and this doesn’t look like its going to be an exception to what has already been a stellar year for the promoter. Check out this mix below, featuring oly Seinfeld tacks and mixed by the man himself:


Seinfeld plays Mansion Underground on Sunday supported by Endeser, Rixon and Kaelo. Tickets can be found at








Arun Kakar