Preview // Newton Faulkner // York Barbican // 29.03.17

Preview // Newton Faulkner // York Barbican // 29.03.17

Newton Faulkner and his unique brand of percussive guitar-pop has spent the last decade enjoying a special place in British music, and two years after the release of his album Human Love, he’s embarking on another tour of the UK. Known just as much for his music as he is for his enigmatic performances and immediately recognisable head of dreadlocks, Faulkner’s fame is a celebration of the fun in music just as much as the craft.

After a bad hand injury in 2009, he released his second album Rebuilt by Humans and continued to be a household name, touring the world and becoming a fixture in the UK festival circuit. His distinctive style of guitar playing is unusual in charting pop music and has gained him a respect among casual listeners and critics alike, developed over years of music school and touring. His mastery over his instrument coupled with his infectious charisma has made the 32 year old one of the most recognisable names in alternative pop since his debut album ten years ago. Since then, Faulkner has gone on to release five studio albums and star in the UK tour of Green Day’s American Idiot as the main character, continuing the role on the West End. Now he embarks on yet another tour of the UK, his trademark red dreadlocks cut short, coming to the Barbican on the 29th of March.

Newton Faulkner plays York’s Barbican on the 29th of March. Tickets are available at

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