Introducing milkd // Rosie

Introducing milkd // Rosie

Edinburgh. Renowned for its art and music brings its latest offering to the table in the form of original two-piece, milkd. Whilst only being students, Andy Stern and Will Langston find time around their studies to bring a smile to their crowds’ faces with quirky one liners and questionable on-stage moves (something that is fast becoming a signature of the band’s work), whilst providing a unique sound and reflective message to their music.


Their first musical entrée comes in the form of ‘Rosie, an inventive and ambitious track that gives anyone who listens a chance to see the aims and talent of Langston & Stern. The echoed keyboard sounds, prominent throughout ‘Rosie’, feel soft and lucid, and create a mirage of spoken heartfelt lyricism that ring of The Smiths and early Alex Turner. milkd take inspiration from the likes of Mac Demarco and the “jangly” guitar riffs, as Stern describes them, juxtapose the keys neatly for a hypnotic, trance-like effect, that works well to promote the song’s message.


When asked, milkd suggest that ‘Rosie’ is about “that type of person who always manages to overcome the more negative aspects of life and only ever appear to be focussing on the positives” and the trance-like nature of the track encapsulates the band’s state of awe at Rosie herself.


Although yet to tour, you can find milkd frequenting the homemade Edinburgh music scene, having played a number of shows at Sneaky Pete’s, as well as a few more intimate shows around and about. The boys’ onstage presence and hypnotic melodies aren’t to be missed, and we look forward to seeing them develop as they write more music.


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Tom Cadman