In The Circuit // 12.02.17

It’s been yet another wonderful week in music. Blondie have returned with some exciting new content, amidst confirmation of their collaborations with the likes of Dave Sitek (TV on The Radio), Johnny Marr and Blood Orange, to name a few. Plus, Future Islands have graced us with some new music and Sampha finally released his debut solo album, Process, to a brilliant reception. I could go on about all these new songs for hours, but for now here’s five artists you may not have heard of who are lapping up against our shores.


Old Fashioned Lover Boy   oldfashionedloverboy

We came across this Italian musician after Cabin Fever Collective reached out to us – and what a pleasant surprise it was too. He’s receieved a lot of attention in his homeland after the release of his debut album Our Life Will Be Made Of Simple Things. While he may be Italian, his sound is much more at home in the UK or US, blending quaint elements of folk with sultry modern ballads. The first single from the album, entitled ‘Oh My Love’, is a tender and soulful affair, combining environmental samples with electronic beats and dreamy vocals.

Watch the stunning animated video for ‘Oh My Love’ below.

John Hassall & The April Rainers


Libertines bassist John Hassall’s side project are on the cusp of releasing their much anticipated and long overdue debut album, Wheels to Idyll. The band were formed in Denmark, where Hassall now resides, and have performed a string of successful Scandinavian dates as well as playing support slots on Pete Doherty’s Eudaimonia tour. Their sound is very difficult to describe, NME making a good fist of it when they described it as ‘blissed-out, psychedelic folk-pop’; a pretty accurate accurate description, in all honesty. It’s brilliantly jaunty and superbly infectious, and with the album due at the end of the month, we’re starting to get excited.

Watch the video for their brilliant  new single, ‘Intercity 125’ below.



Originally named Pivot, these post-rockers have dropped their vowels to become PVT, perhaps signalling their move to a more experimental style. Their new single, ‘Another Life’, is a cacophony of percussive textures, warped vocals and stuttering synths. It’s one of the most fascinating tracks we’ve heard this side of 2017; the more you listen, the more layers you unpick from it. The single precedes their forthcoming album, New Spirit, which is out tomorrow. Expect more off-kilter sounds from these experimentalists.

Watch the incredible visual for their track ‘Another Life’ below.



Hailing from the murky depths of Amsterdam, these boys make short, sharp, and most importantly catchy indie tunes. The majority of their songs are no more than two minutes long, but they pack a considerable punch in that very short space of time. The third single, ‘Tumbled’, from their eponymous debut album, MICH, combines chant-like vocals and pulsing guitars. Their sound, however, is truly unique, with some interesting sounds and textures thrown in there for good measure.

Stream  ‘Tumbled’ below.

Dutch Criminal Record


We’ve been keeping a keen eye on these boys for a while now, and their new single, ‘Change of Heart’,  is another welcome addition to their already brimming back catalogue, despite not having released an album as of yet. It sounds slightly more mature than their previous tracks, with deeper vocals and an all around more aggressive style, but still sticks with their signature enigmatic boy-next-door indie chants. They’re a band whose hard work is beginning to pay off, with multiple radio plays and a bit of hype beginning to build. We have no doubt that they’ll be selling out their own headline shows in no time.

Listen to their new single, ‘Change of Heart’ below.

Fred Stiddard

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