There is something so beautiful about being a woman. We have the can-do attitude of being able to do anything our male counterparts can do, with the ability of keeping enigmatically feminine – if we so choose to. Seeing this balance executed so well in something reminds us, and inspires us to push boundaries. Something that was distinct when I first listened to Lunar, the new EP from girl band, MOM.

MOM formed in 2014 made up of bassist and vocalist Sarah, lead guitarist Brooke, rhythm guitarist Hannah, and drummer Beth. Initially, Sarah joined forces with Brooke after watching ‘Runaways’ (the film about the punk girl band in the 70s) and therefore thought it would be cool to be in a girl band. MOM spent a year covering Wolf Alice songs, and went on to win Selby’s battle of the bands 2015. After this, they began writing their own music, releasing singles ‘Hey’ and ‘Heavy’, which were played on BBC Radio 6 (6 Music? no way!) and BBC Radio York, where they were invited to do a live session for their Introducing show. In a very shot two years, forming, working on covers, winning their first BoB and then going on to play major radio stations is no mean feat – ambition and sense are two things that have worked in MOM’s favour, that and damn hard graft.

While MOM have released singles previously, Lunar is their first full EP, described as a youthful, nostalgic record, and was recorded with Joni Butler, the guitarist from Notts band Autumn Diet Plans. It follows the track list of ‘Let Her Down’, ‘Tired of’, ‘Early July’, ‘Santana’, and ‘Adore’. Listening to the initial track, there’s a definitive grunge sound, yet polished with a really beautiful deliverance of vocals. This theme runs straight through the EP; grunge, pretty sounding guitar riffs, and excellent production values. At times, the record sounds hazy, with a slight nod to the Americana genre, a vinyl crackle being the only thing missing, yet there is an abundance of 90s’ undertones sealed with smooth vocals.

With the majority of girl bands dipping into the pop genre of music nowadays, Lunar takes a different stance, creating songs that aren’t your standard verse chorus repeat, instead adding long intros, quirky touches such as breakdowns that are either whispered, spoken or shouted, juxtaposed neatly with different sections that are indicative of an experimentation of narrative. It all seems something much beyond a first EP, but it is testament to a band that are beyond their time, and are completely original.

In the midst of everything else, the record at times appears wistful and soulful, reflected in the lyrics of ‘Early July’, “and we don’t talk so anyway / I never liked you anyway”, providing something much deeper to Lunar. It’s easy to get caught up in the soothing sound, but there are elements of something a little bit haunting under the surface.

What these four women have created, is something beyond their years in a relatively small time span.  They’ve made it look effortless, whilst making their mark in a male dominated sphere. Not only is it a struggle getting your first band together and creating music, but girls in a grunge band? While we’re surrounded by X-Factor templates of ‘feminism’, girl bands recycling the same music, here we have something new, original and brave. Here we have MOM

Whether you’re looking for a record perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons, or whether you’re looking for a new breed of inspiring, look no further than MOM.

Sophie Goodall