An Interview with The Hunna

An Interview with The Hunna

On Friday the 30th September, I sat down with Ryan, Dan, Jermaine and Jack who make up Watford band The Hunna for a chat before their headline gig at The Wardrobe, the Leeds date of their UK tour.  


As a band you’ve got a strong aesthetic that extends into everything that you do, from your merchandise to your social media presence – such as having your own catchphrases and nicknames – to the treatment of your fans – such as replying to their comments on Facebook – to the message you put on the inside of your record sleeve about bringing people together. The Hunna as a band come across as very inclusive.  Is that what you’re really all about?

All: Absolutely

Dan: We’re here today because of the fans, without them we wouldn’t be playing these shows, we believe in being positive and nice to people because what comes around.

Ryan: We want to make music that connects with people.

Dan: Ryan writes about real experiences, and people have a lot to relate to – we’re the same as everyone else.

Jack: We want to cover every area of what the band is as a package.


Onto music now, can you each name an artist who influenced you?

Dan: Yeezy.

Jermaine: Kings of Leon.

Jack: Deftones.

Ryan: Kings of Leon – oh he’s already said that? Drizzy.


Aside from that though, do you have a particular ‘gateway drug’ music influence that inspired you to make music?

Jack: Queen’s greatest hits, so many bangers…

Ryan: Beatles no. 1 album, every single song is just a hit and the melodies are insane, and vocally I’ve picked up on that quite a  lot-

Jermaine: From a young age MJ, especially BAD

Dan: Classic rock, my dad got me into AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Bowie –  then I moved onto Indie music


So, what about if you could open for any band/artist who’s either still alive or not, who would it be?

Jack: Opening for MJ would be insane.

Ryan: Guns n Roses.

Jack: We’re basically picking the biggest acts in the world.

Jermaine: Kings obviously would be amazing

Jack: That queen show at Wembley? Was unbelievable.

Jermaine: Wouldn’t mind a bit of Jimi Hendrix, that’d be cool.

Dan: Nirvana.

Ryan: I think we’d give Nirvana a run for their money – andI don’t think we should.

Jack: Well we can’t.

Ryan: We’re too similar I think, I think me and Kurt would have it out, a lot of people keep saying ‘are you Kurt’, so I think him and me would just have to have a fight.

Jack: So whoever wins the fight headlines.  Not that we’re about that…


If you could cover any song, what would it be?

Dan: I’ve always wanted to cover that old school garage song ‘Flowers in the Pouring Rain’.

Jack: Like a rock version?

Dan: Yeah man, Ryan would be belting out the flowers bit.

Jack: But he’d be changing it to roses.

Jermaine: ‘Closer’ by Kings of Leon, but I was thinking ‘Bad’ by MJ cause I wanna see Tino [Ryan] do it.

Jack: I’d go with Mötley Crue ‘Girls’ cause it’s so badass, and hopefully we’d do a pretty damn hawt version

Ryan: Either MJ ‘The way you make me feel’, or Guns n’ Roses ‘Paradise City’, no, actually ‘Welcome to the Jungle’

Jack: We want to cover a Drizzy mixtape as a one off.


Where would you most like to play in the world?

Jack: We’re straight thinking big.

Ryan: The Super bowl.

Jack: Headlining Glastonbury, Madison Square Garden.

Ryan: Old Trafford.

Jack: Niagara Falls on a helicopter.

Ryan: I’d love to play on a lorry, just shut down the motorway.

Jack: Like a parade? But just us.

Ryan: We’re not even gonna move, just shut it down.

Dan: Like Avril Lavigne?

Jack: Like in ‘Need for Speed’ when they go under the car?

Ryan: Then everyone’s like “what the fucks going on?”, then both lanes are like, ‘oh shit, The Hunna are playing a gig!’, helicopters like OMG, everyone’s getting out of their cars – you know the Bon Jovi video?  Like that – but with us.

Jack: Playing in a boxing ring as well, a heavyweight championship fight, we just intro it out.

Ryan: Soon as he knocks him out, we start playing our songs, or when he comes through and they have the ‘walk on‘ song, we play behind him.


Finally, if you could choose any mag to be featured on the cover of, what would it be?

All: Rolling stone.

Jack: An article in playboy would be cool.

The Hunna will be playing a UK tour in January.

Sophie Goodall