Preview // Farro // The Key Club, Leeds // 18.11.16

Preview // Farro // The Key Club, Leeds // 18.11.16

Farro, the solo project of former Paramore guitarist Josh Farro, are playing the Key Club in Leeds on Friday, November 18th. Josh Farro’s career is unusually impressive for someone of 29, having co-founded Paramore in 2004 at the age of 16. His extensive life in the spotlight has given him some impressive writing credits and tour experience most musicians take decades to build. After leaving the band in 2010 with his brother, Paramore drummer Zac Farro, finding his feet as an independent musician has been a struggle for Farro. Six years later, he’s back with a project that looks like it’s going to stick.

His debut album Walkaways was released on February 5th of this year, with strong vocals from Farro and typically brilliant drumming from his brother, Zac. It’s a celebration of the kind of large, hopeful pop-rock that influenced the brothers growing up, reminiscent of Coldplay and Switchfoot, right down to the echoing backing vocals and Telecaster-driven hooks. It’s catchy, fun, and translates predictably well to live rooms.

This tour for Walkaways is going to feel like old hat for Farro, whose formative experiences in the music industry began with gargantuan world tours and live performances. This time, however, he’ll be playing music close to his heart, in rooms more suited to his introspective brand of personal style. If we know anything about this lifelong musician, it’ll be a fantastic display of skill, guitar tone, and personality that’s well worth seeing.

Ilana Zsigmond

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