Preview: Corrine Bailey Rae, Leeds Town Hall – 28.10.16

Preview: Corrine Bailey Rae, Leeds Town Hall – 28.10.16

Leeds-born soul-singer Corinne Bailey Rae is reclaiming the stage of Leeds Town Hall this October 28th, as part of the tour for her new album The Heart Speaks in Whispers.

A gorgeous ensemble of rejuvenating psychedelic soul, The Heart, released after a six-year-long hiatus, is a thematic departure from Bailey Rae’s previous album The Sea, a dense contemplation of loss and grief. The Sea mourns the death of her then-husband, saxophonist Jason Rae, whilst The Heart sings contrastingly of a transcending from darkness into the light.

“These last few years have been about rediscovering myself and finding joy,” she says in an interview with The Telegraph. “It’s like the volume being turned back up or the colour coming back after a really quiet, monochromatic time.”  True enough, her new sound cradles everything she has done so far and stretches it into new realms of uplifting vibrancy, with elements of jazz, psych-soul, synth-funk and pop arranged into Bailey Rae’s unique blend of fluid, weightless soul.

Taking the stage in Leeds will be something of a second homecoming for Bailey Rae, after having graced the city at Live at Leeds festival in April for the first time in years. This time though, all lights will be on her, and needless to say, it’ll be a nice coming together for Bailey Rae with her fans and supporters. Whether it be to rediscover the singer of all-time-favourites Put Your Records On and Like a Star, or to indulge in a night of intimacy and soulful vibes, this night isn’t one to be missed.

Lydia Shu