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AFROPUNK is coming to the UK for the first time, and after distinguishing itself as a festival which unashamedly celebrates all things black and queer, its debut is greatly anticipated. What’s more – the line-up is comprised of pure talent, spangled with names that’ll ensure a great festival.
The Noisettes haven’t been as noisy in the mainstream as they once were with hit ‘Don’t Upset the Rhythm’, but they’re well and truly back, rolling out to perform at AFROPUNK’s London debut. They’re an act we’re interested to watch – we’re eager to check out any new material they have for us, seeing as their last album Contact came out 4 years ago.
Then we have the Nova Twins, who pack some serious punch. The duo, who hail from East London, mix the sound of grime with rough guitar riffs and punk vibes to create their own refreshing sound. They recently released their self titled EP, decorated with bassline drops and characterised by gritty riffs: with this setting precedent, Nova Twins are definitely one to watch in the line up.
Standout performer Cakes da Killa is probably one of the most prominent LGBTQ rappers in the scene right now. His sound is like no other – his lyrical flow is very distinct, making him a strong contender within the rap/hip-hop/dance scene. His latest EP #IMF came out last year, so we’re intrigued to see what he comes out with.
With these acts alongside SZA, Lady Leshurr, Grace Jones, Akala, and Laura Mvula, AFROPUNK London is a strong breakout presence amongst London’s thriving scene, and is sure to be a fantastic UK debut for the fest.


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