Sunset Sons – Very Rarely Say Die

Sunset Sons – Very Rarely Say Die

Sunset Sons really are worth taking note of. The surfing boys do more than just chill on the beach and ‘hang-ten’, they also write some killer tracks. They’re debut album Very Rarely Say Die came out earlier this month and couldn’t have been released at a more fitting time of the year, fitting in perfectly with the British Summer anticipation. The album is on the whole, unapologetically uplifting and a definite summer soundtrack. Although the lyrics may talk of love and loss, you can’t go through the thirteen tracks without wanting to be on a beach yourself enjoying the summers that have inspired the boys. Having said this, the final track on the album, ‘I Can’t Wait’ allows you to get a much more intimate, emotional response from the album.

Very Rarely Say Die features old favourites such as ‘She Wants’ and ‘Remember’ but also brings to the table some fantastic new jams such as ‘Tick Tock’ and ‘September Song’ that are a breath of fresh air. Coincidentally, their interlude song is actually called ‘The Jam’, and simply is the four lads having a bit of fun in the studio which is a joy to listen to. The more I listen to this album, the more it grows on me. When I first heard ‘She Wants’ as part of a Spotify playlist I thought it was pretty neat and worth another listen, it wasn’t long before it was a favourite. Now, it’s not even near to being my favourite on the album, not because it has gone down in my estimation, just that there have been moments when I’ve equally loved pretty much every track on the album.

Sunset Sons are comfortably cruising into the headline touring scene after being a part of the massively successful Imagine Dragons European Arena Tour. They seemed to be the perfect band to tour with Imagine Dragons. Rory Williams’ vocals are coarse enough to match those of Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, but Sunset Sons’ unique difference is the much more authentic band sound. With the band consisting of Keys, Drums, a couple of Guitars and some Vocals, Sunset Sons are the traditional band make-up which combined with the Williams’ vocals makes for excellent listening.

We all hope Very Rarely Say Die is just a small scratch at the surface of what great things are yet to be uncovered from this excellent band.

Words by Tom Cadman

Tom Cadman