Preview: The Coral @ Fibbers, York, May 21st

Preview: The Coral @ Fibbers, York, May 21st

When the first few bars of In The Morning or Dreaming About You kick in, you look at your friend opposite you and nod knowingly, while waves of nostalgia for days gone by wash over you both. The Coral’s sound is nothing but British; it conjures up memories of eating fish and chips by the sea, packing up the car to go on a summer holiday and leaving school on a Friday with your mates. The Coral’s bouncy, irresistibly catchy, youthful compositions were a staple to many of our iPods, or dare I say it, CD players, when we were growing up.

It’s hard to believe that The Coral have released 9 albums already, because I at least only really know them for a few songs. Maybe they are just the type of band who are known for singles – discounting the hardcore Coral-ite fanbase. However, the Coral’s last two albums have met with rave reviews. Their latest especially, Distance Inbetween, which came out in early March, has already been hailed as the band’s striking comeback album. It is melancholic, gothic and dark, yet still holds the momentum which made them so unique in the first place. The album shows a band in motion, and denies the possibility of sticking to the same old routine as their previous releases.

The Coral are set to play a sold out show with She Drew the Gun at Fibbers York on the 21st May. Whether it’s to relive your youth, or to find anew a band who have changed so much through the years, it promises to be a great night.

Words by Sophie Church

Sophie Church