Preview: Dot to Dot Festival 2016, 27th – 29th May

Preview: Dot to Dot Festival 2016, 27th – 29th May

Think festivals. Think sitting in a field of mud, sipping warm beer and wondering how long it will be until you feel fresh again. Do you miss it? Well, of course you do, but it’s not the reason you go back every year. Trekking across public transport in your wellies, limply clutching the cheap Tesco tent you picked up the day before is the worst part of the awesome fantastic experience which you love so dearly (Note: We do not endorse Tesco’s tents over any other festival tent distributor). But worry no more, as the festival game is changing. You now no longer have to go through the pain of tent erection and public urinal queues to get the music you love; the city festivals are here, and we’re here to tell you why cross-national Dot to Dot Festival is going to be an absolute cracker.

City-based festivals like Dot to Dot are massively on the rise due to their more convenient appeal over larger weekend camping festivals. Rather than sit around a muddy camp waiting for the two headliners you came to see, you can spend a day getting lost in the city, trundling around small great venues seeing the people you bought the ticket for as well as a whole host of fantastic bands you may never have heard of.

Dot to Dot has provided a whole host of great artists to Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester since starting in 2005, and this year it’s no different. Headliners Mystery Jets and Augustines promise to fill the three cities Dot to Dot travels to over the May weekend with an abundance of alt-rock and cult angst. Other acts to be sure to catch are 2016 social-media success story The Hunna as well as noughties favourites The Temper Trap. Who could forget the seemingly timeless ‘Sweet Disposition’?

Dot to Dot is set to be a fantastic weekend of musical delights, so be sure to get to Bristol, Manchester, or Nottingham (as we are) to see your favourites.

Dot to Dot takes place from the 27th to the 29th of May this year in Manchester (27th), Bristol (28th) and Nottingham (29th), featuring performances from Mystery Jets, Augustines, Rat Boy and The Sherlocks amongst many others. You can buy tickets here.


Tom Cadman