Kehlani- You Should be Here

Kehlani- You Should be Here

When it comes to upcoming artists and new talents, Kehlani is definitely one to watch for 2016. When Kehlani was fronting the Oakland band’ Poplyfe’ during the sixth season of America’s Got Talent, judge Piers Morgan informed the young singer, “I don’t think you need the group”, since then Kehlani has grown as a solo artist, releasing her first solo album last year. While the singer and songwriter has fashioned herself into a contemporary R&B artist comparable to the likes of Jhené Aiko and Tinashe, she has retained the charming, down-to-earth qualities she displayed with her band.

So if you are a fan of R&B, soul, rap and hip hop then Kehlani is definitely one to listen out for in the upcoming months, her album You Should Be Here released in the Spring of 2015, contains 15 songs including an intro into the album which introduces us to the array of themes she explores throughout the rest of her album.

The intro takes on a more mellow tone in comparison to the other 14 songs on the album, reminiscent of spoken word poetry, although the entire album speaks of personal experiences under the themes of love, loss, heartbreak and loyalty; to name a few. The intro has a more intimate feel, word for word sounds related to the singer (Kehlani) themselves, whereas the rest of the album seems to speak more generically. In terms of the vibes of the album, as I briefly mentioned earlier the album sort of fuses together 90s soul and R&B with modern day rap and hip hop, so the tone of the album is quite chilled and relaxed, and reminiscent if you are into your 90s and early 2000s hip hop and soul era. Kehlani’s album also vibes contemporary R&B, combining the classic with the contemporary really give the album a new era modern feel. Whether you are into the alternative or the “mainstream” artist, Kehlani is an upcoming artist I recommend to any lover of music.

Adaobi Nezianya

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