Emotionally Unavailable Album Review

Emotionally Unavailable Album Review

Having released her EP last year in June, Justine Skye has not circulated through mainstream media as much as most young pop stars. Now you can say that this is for multiple reasons, from PR to her musical stylings. However, such as the likes of Jhené Aiko, her music speaks on the complexities of relationships, it’s ups and downs, but most importantly, the negative effect it has on your mental and emotional state as a result: hence, Emotionally Unavailable. The bold album title suggests yet another teenage pop break up album, but Skye strays far away from being yet another broken hearted girl. Rather the young lady waves the bright flag of being a carefree black girl, which is all sorts of refreshing.

One of the most interesting aspects about the album is its arrangement. Throughout the song Skye gives the listener a glimpse into the conversations that seem to have made the content of the songs. Not only is this an interesting and refreshing concept to have on studio album, but also gives a nice lead into each song.

Emotionally Unavailable begins with the mid-tempo melodic ‘A Train, filled with a soulful beat and passionate vocals singing about her thoughts of her lover being a one way trip on the… well I’m sure you can guess. ‘On & On and ‘Bandit are the Brooklyn-orientated tracks that sound like the perfect house party songs, with the thumping basses and lyrics that are sure to make you feel like you were raised in NYC. If you are a fan of Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ or anything Ciara, then these will give you the same vibe. The only questionable aspect about ‘On & On is the mini speech she gives near the end. We get it Skye, you are young and free.

Don’t Worry is definitely filled with passionate vocals similar to, again Kelly Rowland, and some early Christina Aguilera moments. Anticipation lends itself to a laid-back Jamaican sound, with very mature and soulful vocals by both artists. This track definitely gives you the chilled out vibes, but the collaboration with Kranium is questionable fit. If you love anything Tinashe then I’m Yours is a chilled ‘head bopping’ track that you will love too. Probably heard in most clubs, it features the up-and-coming Vic Mensa, who’s contribution is nothing short of a Drake vibe. Trust me when I say that this will make you dance when you hear the bass drop and instantly mouth “You like it ‘cause you know I’m yours.”



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