Preview: Dog is Dead @ Fibbers, York, October 31

Preview: Dog is Dead @ Fibbers, York, October 31

From busking on the high streets of Nottingham to two nation wide tours, and performances at a number of festivals including Glastonbury. D.I.D (formerly Dog is Dead)’s progression since the release of their first album back in 2012 has been impressive to say the least.

The 5 piece Midlands based band have turned heads with their catchy riffs and sing-a-long chorus’. With their debut album ‘All Our Favourite Stories’ featuring songs such as, ’Glockenspiel Song’ and ‘Teenage Daughter’ being popular amongst the indie genre and their latest E.P. ‘Fast Food’ on the rise the band seems set for big things. Performing in York’s Fibbers’ this Halloween, the gig promises to be a night to remember. The last time the band played on Halloween back in 2013, at the Thelka in Bristol, they ditched their indie shirts and sweaters and embraced a more festive attire. The band are known for their humour, so much so, that they were featured on the notorious social media profile ’The Lad Bible’, so who knows what chaos they have in store for York this Saturday night.

D.I.D are part of a niche section of the indie music industry due to their diverse selection of instruments and sounds. Apart from being a standard band set up with Guitars, Drums and Keys, the band pack a punch with the saxophone and frequent jazzy harmonies. It’s for this reason they are able to capture emotion with slower songs such as ‘Big Lie’ and entice people into jamming along with uplifting tracks such as ‘Talk Through the Night’. Their growing popularity and influence within the genre is great to see as they are simply a bunch of old school mates who decided to put down their stationery, pick up their Guitars to write good music and give people a sound they can enjoy.

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By Tom David Cadman

Tom Cadman