Hot Chip – Why Make Sense

Hot Chip – Why Make Sense

For a month I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Hot Chip’s new album and, in anticipation of Why Make Sense?, I started jamming out to The Warning, the album which first sparked my interest in the band. An amazing thing I find in the style of Hot Chip is that they have this ability to smoothly shift the mood in their music, that one is able to really get in the mood to party by playing one track and equally be touched with a sense of melancholy upon hearing another. This phenomena is definitely not lost in Why Make Sense?, from the hypnotically uplifting ‘Huarache Lights’ to the slightly more sombre ‘White Wine and Fried Chicken’, this album has it all. It’s difficult to choose a favourite track because, honestly, they are all pretty awesome.


As I write this I am listening to ‘Dark Night’ and my God is this an amazing song. One thing that can be seen in all songs of the album is the power and energy that is conveyed across all aspects: the lyrics, the beats, the music, everything! The beauty of the whole thing is the sophistication with which it is done. But do not be fooled by the awesome feeling the beats give you in your ears, a closer inspection of the lyrics of songs such as ‘Need You Now’, (forget what I said before, this is definitely my favourite track), exposes a level of despair that vocalist Alexis Taylor seems to have with things, “Never dreamed we would belong in a world, a world that’s just gone wrong”.


While listening to ‘Love is the Future’, I was pleasantly surprised by an appearance by Posdnuos (of De La Soul fame) spitting some mad bars, reflecting the true nature of this album; one that skilfully dips its foot into so many different genres while at the same time sticking true to its original synth pop roots.  For me, at least, this was something that I did not catch at first, mainly due to the uplifting soul-esque vibes, that while apparent in the entire album, can especially be felt in this track. The whole thing is extremely funky, and makes you feel cool listening to it. For me, there isn’t one definitive track on the album that captures the whole breadth of themes and emotions. Instead, I would say that the album benefits from being listened to as one continuous piece. Maybe I am a bit biased because I like this sort of music, but Why Make Sense? is definitely one to keep your ear out for, it made my ears feel good so definitely listen to it.


James Rudge

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