Lone – Texture & Breakz – York, 18 Apr

Lone – Texture & Breakz – York, 18 Apr

Texture and Breakz are coming together with what looks to be an event not to be missed. Both undeniably good nights in their own right, the booking of Lone is set to grace the decks of York’s Mansion, just as Underground is one of the most exciting and ambitious bookings to date within the electronic music scene in York.

Deemed the “Golden Boy” of R&S records, Lone’s meteoric rise was formed in the majority from the release of the critical acclaimed Reality Testing in 2014. An effective blend of Detroit techno, with golden era hip hop makes for an incredibly unique sound that has not been matched by anyone else to date.

Conceding with Lone’s debut performance in Mansion, a number of York’s finest DJ’s will out in full force for your listening pleasure. Representatives from both Breakz and Texture, take the form of Alex T and Idea3 respectively. Guest appearances include Bambooman, Basilica Hands and Kineza.

With a booking as strong as Lone, and solid supporting acts aplenty, it seems that Texture and Breakz have weaved their magic, and set the basis for a truly memorable night. With 361 people already set to attend it’s looking like a fully sold out Mansion could be on the cards.

For more information regarding the event, click here.

Tim Weston