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Yep, we admit it, springtime comes around and connotations of newness, revitalisation and freshness pepper our every outlook to match nature’s own (far less self indulgent) renewal; flower instagrams and clichés all round. But why not extend the notion of spring cleaning metaphors and turning over a new leaf to your musical attitude? Winter can be a time of musical stagnation for our own personal interests, we become far more interested in hibernating and the basic need for human survival in the cold North to focus on what possibilities of new music discovery and older music rediscovery lay out there for us. So we encourage you to have a shake up of your musical outlook, be it changing your opinion on an artist you were convinced you thoroughly disliked or had nothing new to offer you. Embrace micro trends within music that may at first seem off putting, such as Rihanna’s apparent country revival  in ‘FourFiveSeconds’- who knows, this may lead you on to a Dolly Parton journey of discovery that you could only have dreamt of.


This is the perfect time to find something new to become your seasonal soundtrack, rather than reaching for those overkilled spotify playlists whose randomised shuffle doesn’t even hold any surprises for you. Here we challenge the perception of radio’s appeal, stimulating our winter brains into considering what 2015 holds for music and the way it is played, and shared via selfie culture. We also invite you to enjoy a grime retrospective – the perfect example of a fresh genre revival to ignite your own musical regeneration.



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