Preview: Little Comets, Fibbers, Friday 6th March

Preview: Little Comets, Fibbers, Friday 6th March

Hailing from Newcastle, indie rock band Little Comets will return to headline

Fibbers next Friday. With sparky, peppy rhythms, bright guitars and intelligent, witty lyrics, the

quartet is often dubbed the British Vampire Weekend. Formed in 2008, the band released their

upbeat, dance-y debut album In Search of Elusive Little Comets in 2011.


Their latest album Hope Is Just a State of Mind was released this February, breaking the UK Top 40

Charts. Consisting of the top tracks from their trio of 2014 EPs The Gentle, Salt, and The Sanguine,

and new material, this album features a more emotional, eclectic side while tackling serious, tricky

social issues like the objectification of women and violence. The Blur, the Line & the Thickest of

Onions plays on the name of the Robin Thicke hit, and asks “Why empower misogyny while

violence towards women grows?” The album is not without simpler, more tender moments: it opens

with My Boy William, written for Robert’s son.


Initially signed with Columbia records, Little Comets left the big label in 2010, before their debut

album was released. This is a testament to their prizing of artistic independence and originality,

daring to stand apart in the spirit of a true indie band.


Expect feel-good, fresh vibes with a dash of the off-beat. This is a band that is as creative with its

lyrics as it is with is riffs and rhythms.



Massively catchy song from their debut album


One night in October-

Four people playing one guitar- a fun snippet of their creative musical antics


Little Italy-

Off their newest album

“life don’t animate/just creeps up on you slowly”


Christine Tan